We’re Going Mad For Mad Men

We love a little bit of drama—especially when it’s wrapped up with a lot of glamour. So for our summer fix, we’re re-running through the previous four seasons of Mad Men with its unadulterated drama, and costuming genius of Janie Bryant. This woman knows the power of a glamorous dress! In her interpretation of early sixties fashion, Bryant celebrates the female form with an absolutely perfect fit. The cinched waist dresses, body hugging sheaths and cleavage boosting bodices say lady-like elegance like a well crafted handbag with shoes to match.
Mad Men fashion
Image source: http://www.feministfatale.com/
We are thrilled that Bryant has brought these silhouettes into the limelight, and clearly we aren’t alone. Michael Kors completed a Mad Men inspired collection, Brooks Brothers (with Bryant’s collaboration) released a limited edition Mad Men Suit, and Banana Republic (with Bryant at the helm) will release a 65 piece capsule collection for men and women hitting stores this August. Bryant was recently honored at the New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women event where she wove tales from her childhood clothing obsession with her Emmy award winning career. The costumes designed by Bryant tell a fascinating story that steps well beyond the set of Mad Men. 
The transformation from actress to character begins in the fitting room—the proper undergarments are key. At the NYFW event, actress Cara Buono confessed to a time when arriving on set in full costume, Bryant immediately spotted a flaw. It was the bra! Buono was sent back to her dressing room to change into her character Faye’s shape wear instead. This slight adjustment changed everything from inside to out. We concur that feminine features do well when accompanied with the right underpinnings. Streamline your silhouette with this body shaper by Julie France.
If womanly curves are your foundation then Joan’s femme fatale look is calling your name. Think Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe with their sexy hourglass silhouettes turning all heads in the room. Try this deep-v clinging number with kitten keels and a sharp hand bag. Now who’s bringing sexy back?
Perhaps it’s Grace Kelly whose classic style connects to your core. Than you’re best bet is to dress like Betty. The cool confidence portrayed by January Jones comes off like the shiny icing on a cake. Step into this timeless dress, add pearls and white gloves for picture perfect elegance.
For those who think of Audrey Hepburn as their muse then Peggy is your gal. A bit more subdued, yet totally charming, Peggy wears sweet silhouettes and soft prints. Try this strapless polka dot mini-dress, add a fitted cardigan with sparkly brooch, then you’re modern vintage done right.

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