Weddings Throughout the Ages

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Weddings Throughout the Ages

Wedding styles have changed throughout the years and, in this day and age,

brides are not afraid to mix it up. Sometimes they go classic and sometimes

quirky as styles from the past inspire brides of today. The photo above

represents the 2000s. In the past decade or so, many women have chosen a

classic, strapless white bridal dress. Notably though, more and more women

have been trying short or colorful styles. Let’s take a look back at the

weddings before us to see how styles have evolved over time!

  The 1990s and 1980s


  The 1970s


  The 1960s


  The 1950s


  The 1940s


  The 1930s and 1920s


  The 1910 and 1900s


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