What Dress Color Says About You

Color: Part 1

What Dress Color Says About You

In a dress, color is everything. We love dramatic embellishments, daring silhouettes, and luscious fabrics as much as the next woman. But color is the first thing we notice, and it’s the decisive factor when adding a dress to our wardrobe.

We’ve broken dress color down to it’s essence to tell you what each hue says about you. Our first focus is on the basics: black, white and red. Study up and you’ll know exactly what message you’re sending when wearing a LBD, LWD or LRD.


There’s a reason your on every guest list—elegance is always in. You’re creating an air of mystery and reveling in power and prestige. And another bonus, you’re looking thinner, too. Terani 6352J


Put on your halo because you’re bringing purity and goodness everywhere you go. You’re light and airy, creating a positive mood. The perfect color for your perfect self. Jovani Mother of the Bride 159230


You’ve brought passion and everyone knows it. A perfect blend of sensuality and danger, you’ll draw a crowd and raise more than a few pulses. Tonight, desire is your middle name. Faviana 6428

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