White After Labor Day

Color: Part 2
What’s the deal with no white after Labor Day?

For centuries wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool, — like changing a dinner menu or drinking white wine — but today we have air conditioners and halter tops to beat the heat. We also have heaters and cabs to move us through the cold. With all that we can do, can’t we wear any color while doing it?

We’ve also heard that the origin of the no-white-after–Labor Day is symbolic. Many believe that in the early 20th century, white was a pleasing contrast to drabber urban life- think white linen suits, Panama hats, summer vacations and the “look of leisure.” Perhaps once back in the city, many of the fashion elite simply felt they needed a new wardrobe and color scheme? This could be true, but honestly, why are we still following it? Check out how good these celebrity fashion icons look in white, after Labor Day.

Whatever the reason is that this rule started, it is time to retire it. Let’s pay homage to the rebel Coco Chanel who in 1920 brought out the white, year-round staple. Fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off and we know that you can! Send us pictures of you in white after Labor Day or post them on Facebook