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Sounds like a funny concept, doesn’t it? Following somebody. While it’s a concept our parents and grandparents might not yet be hip to, the handful of social media we use has us following everyone, every which way. Whether you want to know what lipstick shade to buy next or take a peek inside what celebrity ate what for lunch, Instagram, is probably the most visually stimulating social media of them all. So what members of the fashion community should you be following?

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NewYorkDress.com: NewYorkDress.com is the heart of New York City. We are what girls and women from all around the world dream about. We are NYC, through and through. Go behind the scenes to see our stylist, models and photographers hard at work to bring you dresses that’ll make you feel like you’re the Belle of The Big Apple.

Oscar De La Renta: Jump head first inside one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses. Oscar de la Renta uses OscarPRgirl (her Instagram name) to give followers stunning photos behind the scenes. Followers see the runway shows, the new collection, and even what Ms PRgirl is wearing herself.

Burberry: One of the first fashion houses to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, Burberry has amassed a huge following. This classic British designer is great at highlighting the filters on the Instagram app to take stunning photos from their runway shows, publicity campaigns or just around London.

Kate Spade: Her katespadeny account has a quirky sensibility with not only shots of clothes, but events, NYC landmarks, food and more. It feels personal and intimate and was used effectively to document NY Fashion Week and establish Kate Spade as not only a designer but a trendsetter of what to do and see in NYC.

Gucci: Gucci’spresence on Instagram tends to be less involved than other designers, but the soft, warm feel of Instagram photos definitely lends itself to Gucci’s designs. This app not only displays incredible fashion but also behind-the-scenes pics of celebrities.

Rebecca Minkoff: Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, best known for her handbags, is relying on user-generated Instagram photos for her first ready-to-wear collection’s fall print ad campaign. Not only does this interactive platform give her followers a chance to get their ideas into print magazines, it bolsters Instagram’s cred as so much more than a silly photo app.