Winter Beauty

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Winter Beauty Tips

There’s no escaping it dolls. The harsh winters can take a toll on your skin-no matter how well you keep your body covered. Chilly winds can cause skin chaffing, flaky lips, cracked hands and can make your overall glow a bit grey. How do you keep yourself feeling beautiful during the holiday season? It takes some work-but winter proof yourself with these steps and you’ll be sure to weather any storm and stay looking fabulous for all your upcoming winter weddings, cocktail and birthday parties!


1. Set a prime example: A good primer can go a long way-especially in the cold winter months. We all know that primers help the staying power of foundation and makeup, but they can also prevent flaky winter skin. Primers can work as a barrier between your skin and the cold elements, so don’t skimp!

2. Keep hydrated: Believe it or not, your skin needs just as much water during the winter as it does in the summer. The more water you drink, the better hydrated your skin will be and less susceptible to cracking or chaffing.

3. Less salt: Everyone needs salt to balance out their diet, true. Consuming too much can seriously dry out your skin. Consuming less salt can help your skin a thousand fold. Salt will naturally dehydrate your skin; therefore if you consume less salt, it’ll help you avoid having dry skin.

4. Avoid petroleum based products: As tempting as it may be to slather Vaseline on your lips and hands, think again. Petroleum based products coat the skin, they don’t moisturize it. So while you may feel like rubbing Vaseline is really helping ease the dryness, it’s really not. Do, however, mix some Vaseline into your favorite creams to make it more effective.

5. Ease up on the caffeine: We know the deal, cold weather makes you crave the lattes and coffee, but because these contain caffeine, they are also a natural diuretic, which means it can dry your skin. Choose herbal teas and water-easier said than done, but very effective.