Your Guide to Buying a Fabulous Prom Dress Online

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Your Guide to Buying A Fabulous

Prom Dress Online

1. Know Your Size

Before you even start to search, take a measuring tape and figure out your

exact size. Labels can vary depending on designer and retailer. It’s a much

safer bet to rely on measurements. Watch this video below for info on how

to figure out your size.

2. Pin or Bookmark Your Favorite Dresses

Nothing is more fun than spending an afternoon on your favorite website

pinning away the prettiest prom dresses. This gives you an idea of what

you want and the best way to look for it. Once you see a pattern in your

choices you can look for a specific style or designer. You might even

discover a winner you overlooked before.

3. Don’t Wait Til the Last Minute

This might be the most important tip. Some sites need ample time to get

your dream dress in order. Other times, you may need to send something

back. Either way, you don’t want to take any chances. Give yourself plenty

of time to browse and choose a dress, at least two months in advance.

4. Buy From a Reputable Website (Like NewYorkDress!)

If you have your heart set on a specific designer, you can check their website

for authorized retailers. You can also look for a button that indicates an A+

rating from the Better Business Bureau. Too many sites are quick to knock-

off and you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

5. Check For Online Deals On Accessories

Some retailers offer incentives to make an accessory choice easier. Take

advantage of these deals and spend your savings on your special night.