Body Shapers

Make your dress look as perfect as a photograph, whether you’re wearing a gorgeous evening gown from Mac Duggal, Faviana, Alyce, or any of our other stunning collections. Everyone knows that a phenomenal outfit starts with the perfect layer of undergarments, so match these Julie France body, panty and bra shapers with the silhouettes and looks you’ve chosen to make sure that your finished appearance is nothing short of flawless.

Shapewear Support Where You Need It Most

You may not think much about it when you’re pricing and selecting your gown, but body definition garments is always, always, always worth the additional investment. And when you buy from us, you know that the products you receive will be both high quality and effective!

Choose the correct style and size for your body and dress, and enjoy being able to look sleek and polished as you make your entrance wearing a sleek sheath dress or a grand ball gown. Using the right one can take your look all the way up to a ten, while leaving it out can undermine all the work you’ve put into choosing a look, doing your hair and makeup, and picking the perfect accessories. Don’t leave the ultimate fabulousness of your dress to chance – wear a body definition undergarment as a base layer on your special event.

Selecting the Right Body Shaper

If you’re wearing a revealing look, then picking the right undergarment is a critical step in putting your outfit together. The more skin your dress exposes the more careful you need to be about the hems and seams on your look! For strapless dresses, you’ll want to use something like the Strapless Support Bra, paired perhaps with the Boxer Shaper. There are additional options featured in the collection, as well. If you’re wearing a mini-dress, then as long as the length of your dress is longer than the length of the skirt on your defining undergarment, you should be able to wear it without flashing your friends when you do those high kicks on the dance floor!

If you’ve chosen a dress that has a low-cut back, particularly one that dips below the bra line, then you may have difficulty finding the perfect bra or shaping undergarment. In these situations, you may want to discuss your options with a dress fitting professional or lingerie specialist before purchasing, since fitting a strapless dress with a bra (particularly a strapless one) that supports your bust without being visible is a particular sort of challenge. For those who realize they are unable to find a body shaper that will accommodate their dress, sometimes there are other options which lingerie specialists can help you with, such as corsets and other pieces.

Without requiring a full set of corsetry pieces, an undergarment can help you slim the parts of your body that you think of as trouble spots – stomachs, behinds, hips, and even thighs – helping your dress to lie flat against your skin and make you look like a glamorous red carpel princess! Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dress only to wear unsuitable underwear that doesn’t contribute to your overall look? These undergarment definition wear are the perfect pieces to help you look flawless on your special day.

Whatever you do, really make sure that your lingerie fits you perfectly, because it will influence the way you wear your dress throughout your special event or important occasion.

Shapewear for Every Body Type

Women come in all kinds of body types, sizes, and weights, and while fashion designers accommodate this to a point with different styles and sizes of dress, there are often looks that will flatter one body type over another. For example, curvier women may feel self-conscious wearing sheath dresses that may not flatter their curves. At the same time, there is often middle ground when it comes to picking your styles – and it’s in these middle-ground areas that you can get the most from a body definition wear, tucking the unruly parts of your body back to where they shoulder be so that you can feel confident and special in your fancy occasion dress wear.

Whatever dress you choose from our site, remember that matching your look with the best undergarments available is a surefire way to add more polish and “pretty” to your look.