Alyce Paris Dresses

Alyce Paris dresses make finding the perfect frock for your next special occasion easy, when choosing from our wide array of styles.

If you're looking for a dramatic way to present yourself for a stylish and sophisticated evening out, then Alyce Paris dresses should be one of the first stops you make as you peruse These elegant dresses strike the perfect note for formal occasions such as weddings, engagement parties, formal balls, black-tie dinners, and more. There are also a handful of dresses from Alyce Paris which are suitable for family occasions and exciting nights out, depending on how you spend your time.

This collection starts off with a pink evening gown which accentuates the bust through a glittering band of sparkles which has an asymmetrical form. It's available in six colors and is a body-hugging shape which will flatter flat bellies and toned arms and shoulders, particularly as it is a strapless gown. Looking a little further into the collection we find a black-and-white Sunset Nights Evening Gown, available in three colors and recalling dramatic poses from classic films like "Sunset Boulevard." For something more playful, look at an olive ruffled and ruched evening dress; with a hem that hits just above the knee, this is slightly more formal than a cocktail dress and yet still perfectly appropriate for a high-class dinner or other fun occasion. If it's halter neck dresses you're after, try the Rippled Love Halter-Style evening gown, which brings us back to Hollywood red carpets with its flame-red impact.

Sometimes, a dress that looks over-the-top on its own on a website is actually the perfect thing to be wearing when surrounded by tuxedos and ball gowns. The Meet Me In Paris Strapless Evening Gown brings all the romance of the famous French capital to bear in its ruffled tiers, while Audrey Hepburn would surely choose to wear the Seamy Entry Halter-Style Evening Gown if she was looking for something reserved but impressive. This dress emphasizes a slim waist which flares out just below the bust, with a wide, turned coller on the bodice section.

For those with darker skin tones, some of the bright, tropical colored dresses such as the Shadow of Love Halter-Style Evening Gown and the Drop of Sunshine Ball Gown (which looks a bit like Belle's gown from "Beauty and the Beast" will warm up any winter party. These are sleeveless (and in the case of the Drop of Sunshine dress, strapless), so good muscle definition is a must if you want to wear these dresses to your best advantage. Both accentuate curves and will flatter a woman with the confidence to wear them to formal events.

But hold on. What about the woman who just wants to look hot and have fun? Alyce Design dresses cater to these customers as well, with hot little numbers like the Cosmic Nights Strapless cocktail dress, shown in red but available in four colors. This is a classy piece with great detail work along the bust, and paired with sleek heels and a slick clutch, it's just begging to be taken for a whirl down at the club. Similar flouncy fun can be had in the plentiful cocktail dresses on offer, such as the Metropolitan Glance Strapless Cocktail Dress, the Just a Mirage Strapless Cocktail Dress, and the Rio Nights Strapless Cocktail Dress. As always with Alyce dresses, there are phenomenal details and ruffles on these beautiful fabrics, and many of these dresses are available in multiple colors. If the closet flapper in you just can't bear to be caged up any longer, then the next dress to consider is the Side Draped Black Cocktail Dress, which comes in "Rasberry" and sports a revealing but tasteful v-neck.

Alyce Designs is a large collection and offers something for every kind of customer. There are vampish dresses like the Super Sultry Keyhole Evening Gown, which offers a sexy slit as well as cutaways, and more staid dresses for a more mature woman, such as the Elegant Belted Silk Halter Evening Gown. Younger shoppers will love pieces like the Beaded Bow Detail Empire Waist Cocktail Dress, with its gorgeous attention to qualiy and the sweet, floaty skirt making it appropriate for proms, homecoming, and other special occasions. Of course, if you're heading into something formal - say, an awards dinner or other occasion where photos are likely to be taken, then you must opt for one of Alyce's gorgeous detailed dresses: the Keep the Peace Tank-Style Evening Gown, the Strapless Applique Delight Evening Gown, the Enchanting Tailored Silk Evening Gown, and the Strapless Lace Bodice Detail Evening Gown are great choices for this sort of event.

With a large collection so full of high quality pieces, it's impossible to describe each dress in the space allotted here. What's important when selecting your Alyce Paris dress is that you consider the kind of event you are attending and the impression you want to give while you are there. From that point, you can put together an image of the kind of dress you want to wear before you dive into the collection assembled here; this will be a far less overwhelming task once you've chosen a few key "must-haves" for your Alyce Paris dress and your outfit in general. If you still can't decide, why not buy more than one? After all, one can never have too many dresses!

Finding the perfect frock for your next special occasion is easy when you’re choosing from the wide array of dresses from Alyce Paris. New York Dress stocks a large selection of Alyce Paris dresses, so there’s plenty to browse. See what sparks your fancy as you peruse our endless selection of cocktail dresses, evening gowns and stunning numbers fit for any special event. Formal dresses for every figure and shape can be found from Alyce Paris.

Alyce Designs

  • Alyce 3699
    Alyce 3699

    Classic flowery hi-lo babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3699
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 6885
    Alyce 6885

    Sweet Dreams Layered Mermaid Gown by Alyce Paris 6885
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 6884
    Alyce 6884

    Stunning V Neck Evening Gown by Alyce Paris 6884
    Color: Red

  • Alyce 8048
    Alyce 8048

    Peek a Boo Sides Sheath Gown by Alyce Paris 8048
    Color: Peacock

  • Alyce 3733
    Alyce 3733

    Regal crop top asymmetrical gown from Alyce Paris 3733
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 2646
    Alyce 2646

    Ornamental two-piece halter babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 2646
    Available in 4 colors

  • Alyce 2636
    Alyce 2636

    Festive cocktail dress with asymmetrical hem from Alyce Paris 2636
    Color: Burgundy

  • Alyce 3700
    Alyce 3700

    Sleek strapless and ruched babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3700
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 3697
    Alyce 3697

    Shimmering trimmed hi-lo mini from Alyce Paris 3697
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 3707
    Alyce 3707

    Starlight beaded babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3707
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 3741
    Alyce 3741

    Lacy strapless layered babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3741
    Available in 5 colors

  • Alyce 2638
    Alyce 2638

    Svelte contrasting asymmetrical babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 2638
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 3730
    Alyce 3730

    Hi-lo embellished vampy cocktail dress from Alyce Paris 3730
    Color: Wine

  • Alyce 3728
    Alyce 3728

    Ravishing contrasting beaded babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3728
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 2635
    Alyce 2635

    Textured sweetheart babydoll frock from Alyce Paris 2635
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 3705
    Alyce 3705

    Exotic sleeveless pick-up babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3705
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 3701
    Alyce 3701

    Royal hi-lo dress with sparkle belt from Alyce Paris 3701
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 27173
    Alyce 27173

    Bewitching draped gown from JDL by Alyce Paris 27173
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 6825
    Alyce 6825

    Shimmering sleeveless hi-lo gown from Alyce Paris 6825
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 6830
    Alyce 6830

    Satiny sequined pick-up A-line gown from Alyce Paris 6830
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 27121
    Alyce 27121

    Structured sleeved gown from JDL by Alyce Paris 27121
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 27150
    Alyce 27150

    Elegant illusion mermaid gown from JDL by Alyce Paris 27150
    Color: Red/Beige

  • Alyce 2640
    Alyce 2640

    Radiant sleeveless contrasting babydoll frock from Alyce Paris 2640
    Color: Black/Blush

  • Alyce 3706
    Alyce 3706

    Structured sleeveless party dress from Alyce Paris 3706
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 3719
    Alyce 3719

    Dreamlike strappy and sequined babydoll from Alyce Paris 3719
    Color: Diamond White

  • Alyce 3717
    Alyce 3717

    Elegant illusion embroidered halter dress from Alyce Paris 3717
    Color: Diamond White

  • Alyce 3710
    Alyce 3710

    Artistic floral print cocktail dress from Alyce Paris 3710
    Color: Rosewater

  • Alyce 3729
    Alyce 3729

    Shining structured babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3729
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 3734
    Alyce 3734

    Empress embroidered two-piece babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3734
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 2637
    Alyce 2637

    Icy strapless sweetheart mini-dress from Alyce Paris 2637
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 2645
    Alyce 2645

    Dreamy textured strapless dress from Alyce Paris 2645
    Color: Diamond White

  • Alyce 4465
    Alyce 4465

    Stunning sequined mini-dress set from Alyce Paris 4465
    Color: Charcoal

  • Alyce 3696
    Alyce 3696

    Ethereal embroidered strapless asymmetrical dress from Alyce Paris 3696
    Available in 2 colors

  • Alyce 2634
    Alyce 2634

    Sophisticated midnight babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 2634
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 3709
    Alyce 3709

    Posy strapless printed babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3709

  • Alyce 4474
    Alyce 4474

    Worthy gilded beaded mini-dress set from Alyce Paris 4474
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 27170
    Alyce 27170

    Breezy illusion beaded mermaid from JDL by Alyce Paris 27170
    Available in 4 colors

  • Alyce 27118
    Alyce 27118

    Dramatic ruffled full-length gown from JDL by Alyce Paris 27118
    Available in 3 colors

  • Alyce 27099
    Alyce 27099

    Midnight extravaganza gown from JDL by Alyce Paris 27099
    Available in 4 colors

  • Alyce 5805
    Alyce 5805

    Hollywood Vintage Dress from Black Label by Alyce Paris 5805
    Available in 3 colors


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