Cocktail Dresses

From an intimate holiday party or a large event, our website has one of the largest selection of designer dresses online. For events that require less regal attire is appropriate for attendees, many women choose to wear cocktail dresses. Shop our high-end collection below:

Formal Gown or Cocktail Dress?

The most distinctive differences between formal gowns and cocktail dresses are the lengths of the dresses, the richness of the fabrics and added embellishments used in the making of them. Cocktail dresses are shorter, made with less expensive fabrics, and usually, have far less ornamentation added to them than what goes into the creating of traditional floor-length gowns. The lengths of cocktail dresses can vary from the bottom of the dress reaching just above or below the knee, to falling midway between the knee and ankle, or to stopping very near the ankles.

A formal gown could cost you up to thousands of dollars range to own. Cocktail dresses are more affordable than their fancier counterparts are and stylish enough for women to wear them to many special events and informal gatherings. You can find retailers offering cocktail dresses ranging from less than a hundred dollars to only a few hundred dollars for stunning dress styles that almost every woman can fall in love with.

The Perfect Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses come in many styles, colors, fabrics, lengths, sizes, and prices. Vintage-style cocktail dresses are super popular right now. These dresses look like they must have cost you a fortune when, in fact, you did not have to spend a lot of money at all. The best part is you can keep that secret to yourself, we promise your dress won’t tell!

This Season’s Most Delicious Colors & Fabrics

When it comes to the hottest trends this season, black and red are always in fashion. Other great colors we’re seeing this season are aqua, blackberry, cantaloupe, cherry, coral, cream, fern, floral, fuchsia, grape, iris, kiwi, lilac, sunflower, peach, pink, powder blue, silver, sunset, and teal. Don’t they all sound delicious? The color that will work best for you is a matter of your individual taste and personality.

Perhaps a dress with bright, brassy colors and unique designs that grab others people’s attention is just the kind of party dress you have been looking for. If flashy is not quite your style, try a dress with beautiful, softer colors and more subtle designs to shows your sense of style.

A few of the fabrics used to make our designer cocktail dresses are silk, satin, taffeta, cotton, denim, and polyester blends. Since you never know where the night will take you, stain-resistant and easy-care fabrics are super important. Most of the fabrics used in our collection cocktail dresses can easily be hand washed or cleaned using the gentle cycle on your washing machine, while some other fabric styles will need dry-cleaning. A majority of stains can be quickly dotted away before they have a chance to set in and ruin your dress, with a clean cloth and some seltzer water.

Cocktail Dresses for Every Size

Unlike some other dress designs that seem to only look good on women who are size 2, cocktail dress are made to fit the rest of us who on average, are not quite that small in size. Women of all sizes and shapes, from juniors and petite to women with fuller-figures, will find that they have many styles and color design options to choose from in cocktail dresses. It does not matter if you have long legs and a thin torso, or short legs with a rounder torso. There is a cocktail dress design for you to accentuate your feminine beauty points while camouflaging those points you might be less happy about having. The right cocktail dress can show you just how beautiful you truly really are as a woman, every girly-gorgeous point of you from head to toe.

Top Cocktail Dress Designers

What are some of the top brands and designers making the strikingly good-looking cocktail dresses that are most popular with women these today? Adrianna Papell, Aidan Mattox, Blush, Alexander Wang, and Clarisse, are merely a few of the top brand designers we offer. Their uniquely designed cocktail dresses make it easy for women to find that perfect little dress, making any special occasions that much more special.

Cocktail dresses in a variety of styles and colors are available at most major retailers that sell clothing, and in small boutiques and dress shops. You might, however, find it easier to shop online for cocktail dresses to add to your clothes collection. You can view large catalogs containing quality images of cocktail dresses to see how they look before buying them. You can compare different styles side-by-side to help you in choosing which styles might look the best on you. With the help of the internet, you can also check out the various pricing and shipping options that are available to you when purchasing cocktail dresses.

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