Military Ball Dresses

A military ball is an annual function that every military branch holds for military spouses to attend. Depending on the branch, every military ball has its own sets of rules and codes that may impact the style of dress you choose. Once you have confirmed the dress codes, it’s time to shop, shop, shop for your military ball gown!

What to Wear to a Military Ball

Military balls are formal events where military officers dress in their dress blues or class A uniforms, and their spouses also come in formal attire like a full-length evening gown.  

Because this event is formal, colors that are too flashy are usually considered unacceptable. Instead, the standard practice is to come in a color that complements your spouse’s attire. Formal dresses for military balls are usually shades of burgundy, blue, white, black, or other neutral colors like grey or nude. It’s also wise to avoid distinctly patterned gowns as they are quite distracting or hardly formal for such an occasion.

When it comes to length, you can choose a formal cocktail or knee-length gown, but a floor-length gown is often the best choice.  

Popular Styles and Designers You Should Try

With so many styles to choose from at NewYorkDress, it may be difficult to know exactly what style or which designer to choose.

Because of the event’s formality, cleavage-revealing styles are a no-no. Instead, try a classic gown that covers your chest area. Keep in mind,  if you’re thinking of a strapless ball gown, some military branches indicate that you cover your shoulders during the receiving line, so ensure you go with a bolero jacket or evening shawl.


Floor-length gowns are the best choice of gowns for a military ball dress. If you opt for a knee-length gown, ensure it is more formal and provides optimal coverage.

Military Ball Dress Accessories Checklist

To make sure your evening is a success, you should ensure you have all you need to accessorize before you step out. This will ensure you’re not overdressed or underdressed for the event.

  •       A pair of classic earrings
  •       Depending on the neckline of your gown, consider a dazzling necklace
  •       Don’t forget a matching purse or clutch
  •       Consider a gorgeous pair of heels or delicate strappy sandals
  •       A fancy shawl depending on weather or if you have a strapless gown

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