When putting together a special occasion look, there are plenty of additional touches to arrange before you head out in your dress. Along with handbags and shoes, consider adding sparkling jewelry to your look if you really want to shine. Pendant earrings, chandelier earrings, dangling earrings, studs, bracelets and even sparkling are available to help make your dress stand out and establish your position as a true style as the one every other woman in the room should be emulating!

Earrings for Formal Gowns

As with so many of our dazzling dress pieces, the earrings available for you at twinkle magically in the light no matter what the setting of your special event or occasion. The most important things to remember when you are selecting which earrings you want to wear are to pick a complimentary style earring for your dress, to choose a weight of earring that flatters both your ear and face, and to choose earrings that add to, rather than distract from, the look you’re aiming to achieve on your special night out. By choosing some simple jewelry, such as trim, bracelets or earrings, you’ll be able to step up the formal look that you’ve put together to show the world.

Accessories like the Pear Cut Chandelier Post Earrings and the Antique Style Sunburst Post Earrings are sure to catch a few eyes as you dance through your evening – or even a dramatic daytime event – so when you choose a glittering piece like the Pear Cut earrings, think about how they weigh against the dress you’ve selected. Pieces such as these are most flattering when paired with a lush, decadent look, and will definitely draw attention if worn with a dress that comes in solid colors, since the glittering light will create the visual contrast and interest you’re looking for. At the same time, the Antique Style Sunburst earrings can be worn with lighter pieces and in lighter hair for contrast, or brunettes can wear them to offer small, subtle glints of light. These are ideal pieces for those who want to make a striking but demure impression.

Beautiful Clip Earrings

Some children get their ears pierced soon after birth, while other people don’t wind up getting their first set of piercings until much later in their lives. With our selection of jewelry, we cater to women of all ages – including those who never got their ears pierced at all! So if you’re a mother who wants her young daughter to look fancy without painful holes being punched, or just an independent woman who never saw the need to get your ears pierced, you’ll be able to select from the collection available here. Our clip earrings include Stand-Out Sparkle Clip Earrings, Opalescent Chandelier Clip Earrings, and Smoke and Mirror Clip Earrings. These choices ensure that the fact that someone has chosen not to get their ears pierced doesn’t mean they need to miss out on the fun and excitement of picking the perfect pair! Just check out the aforementioned pieces and you’ll be sure to head off to your special night prepared to look your best, with glittering earrings sitting in your earlobes!

Dainty Earrings for a Timeless Look

In addition to the dramatic larger pieces, we also offer numerous earrings which are made in a more dainty and formal style. These earrings, which include dangling earrings such as the Timeless Princess Cut Hook Earrings, the Rhinestone Tear-Drop Chandelier Post Earrings, the Cushion Cut Crystal Post Earrings, the Square Chandelier Stud Earrings, Multi Facet Stud Earrings, Medium Round Cut Stud earrings, Swirls of Sparkle Post Earrings, and Inset Stones Dangling Post Earrings. These are highly artistic pieces which have been carefully put together to make your ears sparkle and shine like your attitude and smile as you move out into the world on your big night.

Bracelets & Cuffs

Chunky bracelets designed as large cuffs can add another accent to a special occasion dress. Here at, we offer two distinct styles of bracelet, the Immaculate Honeycomb Stretch Bracelet, and the Deco Style Multi Color Stone Stretch Bracelet. By looking through the options available for each of these pieces, you can select a style that will compliment your dress, meshing with its color scheme and your other accessories to bring your style a heightened sense of glamor and fun.

Finally, our Dazzling Rhinestone Trim is available for those who want to make their look even more special. Use this trim carefully to make your dress pop even more! Complementing the many sparkling sequins, diamonds, crystals, jewels and more found in dresses from across our site’s collections, this special addition to any look will surely be a welcome one.

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