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Andrea and Leo A1108 LavenderAndrea and Leo A1108 Paris-Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1108 Dress

$320.00 $409.00
Andrea and Leo A0672 Smoky-BlueAndrea and Leo A0672 Rosewood

Andrea and Leo A0672 Dress

$195.00 $348.00
Andrea and Leo A0850 Blush-MauveAndrea and Leo A0850 Smoky Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A0850

$298.00 $425.00
Andrea and Leo A1029 MauveAndrea and Leo A1029 Haze Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1029 Dress

$269.00 $350.00
Andrea and Leo A1132 BlueAndrea and Leo A1132 Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1132 Dress

$270.00 $350.00
Andrea and Leo A1040 SageAndrea and Leo A1040 Sage
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1040 Dress

$320.00 $425.00
Andrea and Leo A1091 MauveAndrea and Leo A1091 Sage
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1091 Dress

$640.00 $870.00
Andrea and Leo A1143 MauveAndrea and Leo A1143 Mauve&Blue Jay
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1143 Dress

$220.00 $348.00
Andrea and Leo A1105 MauveAndrea and Leo A1105 Mauve
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1105 Dress

$150.00 $428.00
Andrea and Leo A1115 Light-Blue&YellowAndrea and Leo A1115 Dusty Rose
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1115 Dress

$169.00 $378.00
Andrea and Leo A1107 EmeraldAndrea and Leo A1107 Black
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1107 Dress

$285.00 $396.00
Andrea and Leo A1118 PlatinumAndrea and Leo A1118 Smoky Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1118 Dress

$295.00 $396.00
Andrea and Leo A1046 SageAndrea and Leo A1046 Paris Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1046 Dress

$285.00 $388.00
Andrea and Leo A1174 GoldAndrea and Leo A1174 Mauve
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1174 Dress

$169.00 $396.00
Andrea and Leo A1191 English-VioletAndrea and Leo A1191 Sage
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1191 Dress

$217.00 $375.00
Andrea and Leo A1141 Sky Blue&SilverAndrea and Leo A1141 Dusty Rose&Lavender
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1141 Dress

$220.00 $350.00
Andrea and Leo A1057 MauveAndrea and Leo A1057 Blue
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1057 Dress

$198.00 $370.00
Andrea and Leo A1169 Blue-GoldAndrea and Leo A1169 Champagne/Gold
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1169 Dress

$217.00 $450.00
Andrea and Leo A1135 LilacAndrea and Leo A1135 Lilac
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1135 Dress

$220.00 $380.00
Andrea and Leo A1116 Dusty BlueAndrea and Leo A1116 Black
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1116 Dress

$345.00 $396.00
Andrea and Leo A1138 Yellow&LavenderAndrea and Leo A1138 Spring Blush
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1138 Dress

$220.00 $370.00
Andrea and Leo A1236 RosewoodAndrea and Leo A1236 Rosewood&Sage
On sale

Andrea and Leo A1236 Dress

$199.00 $390.00

Andrea and Leo

Andrea & Leo couture is a premier dress designer based in Los Angeles, California. They have over 200,000 gowns in stock for all special occasions including homecoming, prom, cocktail and formal evening wear events. They also specialize in wedding looks, including mother of the bride and bridesmaid designs. They pride themselves on their vast selection, impeccable silhouettes and stunning fabric and color combinations. Andrea & Leo gowns focus on elegance and dazzle for each and every woman, with varied price points in order to reach as many women as possible.

Whimsy & Romance

The couture house of Andrea & Leo have been creating fabulous, fashionable gowns since 2006. Their unique style focuses on everyday whimsy and soft romance. Many Andrea & Leo dresses feature designs inspired by the natural world. Soft petal and ornamental blossoms are stitched along bodies and into the skirts of flowy dresses. Their dresses also feature delicate brocade or lace work, adding a vintage romance into many of their more ornate pieces.

Couture Colors

Andrea & Leo couture collections come in an array of colors, spanning the entire spectrum from pastels to hot pinks. Perhaps their color choices could best be broken down into three categories: nude with exquisite detailing, pastels with classic forms and vibrant colors in bolder designs.

Their nude-colored dresses with intricate beadwork draw the eye to an elongated female form. The color is minimal and elegant and timeless enough for any occasion, whether its prom, a cocktail party or a black-tie event. The highly-detailed beading and crystal work also creates flattering patterns across the bodice, neckline and flowing parts of the dress.

Of course, Andrea & Leo dresses take the nude look a bit more colorful with a range of pastel options. Their pastel palette features gorgeous petal pinks, dove greys, cornflower blues, pale peaches and demure golds. These dresses are often in classic forms such as A-lines and sheaths, hugging the body at the bodice then flowing more loosely further down the legs.

The designs at Andrea & Leo couture also include bolder colors for those looking to stand out. The color palette here ranges from jewel tones such as emerald and ruby and sapphire, to hot pinks. No matter what color you’re looking for, Andrea & Leo dresses are sure to have an option which will suit you perfectly.

Styles for Every Shape

Andrea & Leo gowns come in all shapes, cut to flatter the female figure. Their full catalog of dress options include the ever-popular and immensely flattering sweetheart neckline as well as sexy deep-V necklines. For those looking for something a bit different, straight across, high and halter necklines are available as well. Their dresses also feature many varied types of straps, including fine spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder and sleeveless options for women looking to flaunt their shoulders and arms. Cap sleeve and long sleeves are available as well for looks that are elongated and demure.

As for body shapes, Andrea & Leo gowns truly cater to every feminine form. Their collections feature many A-line dresses which are excellent for drawing the eye to the smallest part of the frame and helping to create the illusion of curves. Trumpet and mermaid style hemlines are also popular, adding volume to the bottom of the dress in order to balance out fuller figures or just add that unique flair. Ball gowns with beautiful skirts are also popular, creating romantic silhouettes perfect for any formal occasion.

Find the Perfect Andrea & Leo for You

Andrea & Leo dresses are available in over 200,000 styles in their Los Angeles store. However, for those farther away, looking for their perfect Andrea & Leo gown, NewYorkDress is the answer. NewYorkDress is the premier online marketplace for high-end designer dresses, one of which is Andrea & Leo. With one of the biggest online selection of high-end dress designers, NewYorkDress is one of the best places to go to find glamourous gowns. Browse Andrea & Leo’s seemingly endless collection at NewYorkDress and find the gown of your dreams today.

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