Sequin Dresses

When we were little girls, we were told sequin dresses were only for holidays and birthdays. In recent years, designers have changed this perception. Today, sequin gowns are not only acceptable as casual and formal wear; they are highly desirable as such. Sequin ruffles, sequin fringes, and sequin-covered floral prints are very popular. Sparkles permeate designer collections, online marketplaces, outlets, and department stores. It’s only a matter of time until sequins find their way into your closet!

Tis the Time to Dazzle in Sequin Designer Dresses  

This fall is about rich, earthy tones, vibrancy, and saturation. Typically, sequins are rendered in more subdued colors. However, there are exceptions. Bright and glossy sequin dresses can be as popular and appealing as matte ones. Sequin gowns are worn at formal events like proms, award ceremonies, galas, receptions, weddings, and, of course, pageants. Dance clubs were practically invented because of mini sequin dresses, and a glittery cocktail dress will make you unforgettable at your next office party.

Ready to steal the spotlight in a star-studded sequin gown? Here are some great designers who specialize in this glitz n’ glam style.  

Sequin Dresses from JVN by Jovani and Jonathan Kayne

Jovani is a superb, versatile designer with styles for every taste. Their glamorous, sequin-covered prom dresses leave nothing to be desired. In a gown like this, you will gleam and glow. The beautiful work of art is embellished with a glitter pattern and a high jeweled neck. The racy, low-cut V back, is augmented by an illusion neckline. The dress comes together with a velvet buckle belt at the waist. A flared semi-skirt cascades down to the floor, creating an inspiring visual effect.

Jovani and Jonathan Kayne’s sequin dresses are available in a dazzling flurry of colors, styles, designs, and materials. Another highlight in the former’s collection of sequin gowns is a magnificent mermaid-style piece with a collared neckline and a charming cutout at the keyhole — the gown flares over the legs and ends with a regal sweep train. 

Jonathan Kayne’s V-point A-line sequin gowns are a sight for sore eyes. These delightful pieces have fitted bodices with an exotic sweetheart neckline and semi-open back. The dresses sweep over the legs, finishing in a grand flared silhouette. For added shine, they are embellished with beadwork.

Pair sequin dresses with neutral shoes and accessories to avoid overdoing the effect, especially if you’re attending a highly formal event.

Sequin Designer Dresses from NYD: Fit for a Queen  

Some women find that sequins make a big enough statement on their own, and adding plunging V-necks or open backs is tantamount to overkill. We at New York Dress are of the opinion that the choice is yours and yours only. All of our sequin gowns and dresses manifest the flair and exquisiteness typical of world-famous designer collections. They are an excellent choice for formal events, charmingly embellished, and sculpted to highlight your best features. Enjoy the refined, one-of-a-kind selection available at our online store.

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