Blue Designer Dresses

When we think of blue, the color of water is our first association. We think of the vastness of the sea, of the serenity and comfort the ocean brings. Blue conveys peacefulness, calmness, and femininity. It represents purity and the circle of life. It can also symbolize security, stability, and lifelong loyalty.

Blue Gowns: An Air of Calm and Nobility

Blue is noble, calm, and adored by hordes of designers. However, the best thing about this color is that it works with almost everything. It is black’s optimistic and soothing counterpart. This classic color suits a large number of hues, running the gamut of beiges and black to reds, yellows, purples, and even bright green.  

If you want to express a unique and unconventional style, choose a blue gown with a lace top and bodice. The elegance of a blue A-line gown with a high neck and scoop back is unrivaled. People are powerless to look away from such an entrancing gown.

Most Popular Blue Designer Dress Styles

Mermaid gowns and dresses in this color are the most popular style due to the sea associations. Paired with a ravishing asymmetric neckline, there’s no way a blue mermaid dress can get better. Feel elegant and adored in this soft feminine color.

Mermaid dresses have fitted bodices with different types of necklines. You can choose from asymmetric, scoop neck, strapped, strapless, V-neck, and more. The graceful mermaid silhouette glides magnificently to a full-length hem. It’s no accident that mermaid gowns have always been one of the best options for formal events.

The neutral color works with luxury, attention-grabbing materials like silk and satin. Don’t shy away from extravagant styles. New York Dress has an opulent blue ball gown with a daring thigh-high slit and a structured V-neck bodice with your name on it!  

Occasions to Choose Blue Evening Gowns 

Blue gowns and dresses can be worn to any formal occasion. A formal dress in this classic color will become a wardrobe staple you’ll delight in wearing over and over again. The color is flattering to every body type. If you’re tall and thin, it will add depth to your silhouette. If you’re petite and curvy, it will elongate it.

Blue dresses exude almost universal confidence. You will own the space you enter in a majestic floor-length blue gown. You will be noticed with your unmistakable statement without even trying.

You can wear a blue gown or dress to any semiformal and formal event, such as an official business dinner, a wedding, a prom, an engagement party, or a cocktail party. Blue is extremely versatile with countless shades, ranging from pale sky or periwinkle to deep sea blue or navy.

Feast Your Eyes on NYD’s Collection of Blue Dresses for Every Shape and Size

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