Ivory Dresses

The fashion world has long been dominated by the LBD, otherwise known as the little black dress. It’s a must-have in any fashionista’s closet, the perfect outfit when you need to look classy and chic in a snap. However, the LBD isn’t the only look you must have in your wardrobe; these days, it’s all about ivory dresses.

While ivory (and just about every other shade of white) used to be reserved for brides on their wedding day, many fashion-forward ladies have started wearing this color for a variety of occasions. Ivory gowns are elegant, ethereal, and a great way to stand out from the crowd – whether you’re going to prom, a gala, or any other event.

In the world of fashion, white and ivory have long gotten a bad rap. You can’t wear those colors after Labor Day, they’re reserved for brides alone, the rules seemed too much for the average fashionista to bear. But luckily, the rules are starting to change for ivory dresses for one big reason – they’re beautiful!

At long last, the many rules keeping us from enjoying ivory evening gowns are falling by the wayside. Nowadays, women can wow the crowd in ivory just about anywhere (except for someone else’s wedding, of course – that rule we kept).

A Unique Look

Why have so many fashion lovers set their sights on ivory gowns? The answer might be simply because the look is so rare. You won’t see ivory dresses on every other girl at the party, and that alone means you are bound to stand out. It’s a perfect choice for the woman who loves the limelight!

Additionally, ivory dresses give off an air of grace and sophistication. Wearing an ivory evening gown to an event says, “I’m bold, stylish, and confident that I won’t spill anything tonight!” All kidding aside, this color can easily elevate your whole ensemble, making you look better than ever.

Popular Styles

One of the great things about ivory dresses is the variety of styles you’ll find in this color. This means that you’ll always find a dress that suits your tastes!

For example, if you’re choosing a dress for your wedding or vow renewal, you have so many styles to choose from. You can go with a classic bridal gown (like this gorgeous Lara dress with a build-in train) or you can try something a little more modern (like this chic Tarik Ediz number).

Looking for something youthful and fun for prom? Get a short ivory gown with a flirty touch (like the feather trim on this Andrea and Leo dress). You can even get something with a pop of color (like this Nox Anabel two-piece) to give your ivory dress something extra to spice it up!

Ivory Dress Occasions

So, once you’ve found the perfect ivory dress, where can you wear it? Obviously, there are no hard and fast rules… except for maybe not wearing it to someone else’s wedding. But if you’re not a wedding guest, you can wear ivory dresses just about anywhere!

Going to a black-tie gala? Mix things up by wearing a stunning ivory gown.

Attending a baptism for a friend or relative’s little one? Dress to suit the event with ivory (the color of purity).

Going to a summer garden party? Break away from the standard florals with a tea-length ivory dress that earns you more than a few compliments!

Any time you want to make a big splash at an event (but once again, NOT someone else’s wedding), and ivory dress is the way to go.

These days, ivory dresses are extremely popular among brides who don’t want a pure-white look – especially brides with fair skin, as classic white can make them look washed out. You can wear ivory to your wedding or vow renewal and have a gown that has the same “bridal” look, while also complementing your skin tone!

However, ivory gowns are certainly not reserved for ladies walking down the aisle. You can wear ivory to your prom for a classic, grown-up look! You can wear it to your Sweet 16 to play up your “sweet” side! You can even wear an ivory designer dress to a play or company gala for a look that stands out, but still looks sophisticated.

Styling Your Ivory Dress

Of course, an ivory dress is only part of your finished look. Once you find the perfect gown, you still need to accessorize it. Luckily ivory is an easy color to accessorize, as it goes with basically anything. However, there are three main ways to dress up your ivory evening gown: go with neutrals, stick with ivory, or amp it up with colors and metallics.

If you opt for neutrals or ivory accessories (shoes, purse, etc.), the overall look will be more understated and sophisticated. This is ideal for weddings, galas, and vow renewals, as these events tend to be more elegant and subdued.

If you’re going to prom or a sweet 16 party, however, you’ll want to veer toward the wild side. Metallic accessories and shoes with bright, bold colors are perfect for turning your ivory look up to 11!

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