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Sweet 16 Dresses

Your sweet 16 is a huge milestone in your life, and is a great reason to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re having a party, you’ll need to choose an outfit that reflects the taste, style, personality and flair of the young woman you are becoming.

By now, you may have already chosen whether you’re having a formal, semi-formal or casual sweet 16 celebration. If you want a formal or semi-formal theme for your party, New York Dress is a great place to look for the perfect dress. We sell formal wear from over 40 high-end designers, meaning that as you browse our collection, you’ll have hundreds of premier-quality outfits at your fingertips.

Types of Sweet 16 Dresses

The sweet 16 dress you choose to wear will be largely dependent on the type of party you’re having, its theme, and venue. A formal sit-down dinner at an exclusive restaurant or country club would require a different dress code to, for example, a buffet and dance at a community center.

Some young women like to have themed parties, which will dictate the style or color of clothes they and their guests will wear. Themes such as fairy tale, twilight, rainbows, pretty in pink, Hollywood glamor or rock star chic could inspire your choice of dress.

Whatever your theme, you will want to wear an outfit that makes you look your best. This means picking something that flatters your body. The range of formal party wear to choose from is truly huge, from mini dresses to floor-sweeping gowns, princess-style dresses with voluminous skirts, or body skimming outfits. You may decide to skip the dress altogether and choose a glitzy pants suit or romper. Let your personal style guide your choice, whether you want something fun and flirty, sleek and glamorous, or quirky and off beat.

Why Choose a Designer Dress?

If you’ve decided to have a formal sweet 16 party, it shows that you appreciate how much fun it can be to dress up and look gorgeous. Formal wear goes hand in hand with quality and good taste, and by choosing to wear a designer dress for your sweet 16, you’ll be investing in excellence. High end formal wear generally looks better, fits well and lasts longer. It will be cut perfectly and will sit right, and won’t be falling to pieces by the end of your party.

Shop NewYorkDress for Your Sweet 16

New York Dress sells clothes created by some of the world’s best fashion houses, some of whom have outfitted A-list Hollywood and music stars. These are pieces designed by artists who understand what looks good, who set the latest fashion trends, and who craft their creations to the highest level of good workmanship.

Our selection of clothes is massive. You’ll have hundreds of outfits to choose from, coming in every variety of style, color and length. With our user-friendly search filter, you can narrow down your choices according to a range of variables, such as length, neckline, sleeve type, shape, color, and price point, making it much easier to create a shortlist of the clothes you love best of all.

Browse through our collection now as you get ready for your once in a lifetime sweet 16 celebration!

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