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Ava Presley Designer Dresses

Take a look at any Ava Presley item and you’ll literally see a “dream stitched together.” These designer dresses are designed to let your sensual femininity and elegance shine through. From bold and dramatic to just plain classy – the Ava Presley fashion house conjures up statement dresses for women with an appetite for high-end fashion. You could be rocking your cocktail party, or have a glamorous gala night coming soon – regardless of the occasion you have to attend, an Ava Presley dress is meant to turn you into a Belle of the Ball. Every piece is designed to accentuate your goddess-like features. A journey across this collection will offer you breathtaking styles such as sexy-thigh high slits, mermaid fits, ruffled sleeves, and more.

What Makes Ava Presley Dresses So Special?

A heavy dose of drama and unquestionable elegance merge together to create every high-end Ava Presley piece. Each of the designer’s gowns is absolutely timeless and nothing short of a long-term investment. Within the variety, you’ll notice sublime and unique hues like violet, turquoise, red, bright pink, subtle blues, peach, and more. Some dresses even feature a color transition and color gradient that glows differently from different angles.

What’s more, these dresses also cater to all your fashion moods. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical touch, chic and low-key look, bright and bold entry, or style that is a little too dramatic – these dresses fulfill both your fashion and occasion needs. Some of the most common features of these dresses include thigh-high slits, puffed sleeves, skirts cinched at the waist, ruffled necklines, mermaid fittings, and more.

Mesmerize the Crowds in an Ava Presley Piece 

Gala events, red carpets, proms, weddings, charity events, cocktail parties – regardless of the type of event you decide to grace with your presence, you can never go wrong with an Ava Presley dress.

Is your prom night drawing closer and you want to look nothing short of an elegant princess? The queenly gown by the designer will literally make you “shine bright like a diamond” with its sparkling sequins and an embellished belt around the midriff. This piece also features a sweeping train for a dramatic entry.

If you cannot get enough of the classic floor-length, sleek gowns for your cocktail parties, the Ava Presley Cowl Neckline Evening Gown with a slit skirt would be perfect for you. Its thin spaghetti straps mingle with a cowl neckline to anchor an open back so you can achieve that flawless sexy look. 

If you’re looking for something along the lines of “dramatic fashion,” the divine ombre sequined gown will turn all eyes on you. The dramatic gradient complements the high slit and a pooling hemline finish falls over the floor as you walk. 

How to Style an Ava Presley Piece

Ava Presley dresses are crafted to flatter most body types. Be sure to consider things like your height, skin undertone, and the event you’re attending to narrow down your search. Because Ava Presley dresses are inherently dramatic in nature, it’s best to opt for simple jewelry that won’t come in the way of the dress. For shoes, go for classic stilettos. 

Why NewYorkDress Is Your One-Stop Style Solution 

If you can’t take your eyes off of the Ava Presley dresses, you certainly have a strong penchant for fashion. At NewYorkDress, we work tirelessly to help make high-end designer dresses accessible to you. Whether you are 17 or 70, dressing for a cocktail party or a fancy date night, NewYorkDress features an endless array of dresses from world-renowned fashion houses, right at your fingertips!

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