Gold Dresses

Gold dresses have a long, iconic history in the world of fashion.It seems that no matter when we live, humans can’t resist the allure of all that glitters… and frankly, we get it! Gold dresses are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and look completely stunning. But of course, if you’re going to wear a gold evening gown, you have to know the right way to style it.

When to Wear a Gold Dress

Gold dresses are holding onto popularity for nearly all formal occasions. Going to prom? Sparkle under the lights in a gold gown. Celebrating your sweet 16? Make sure you stand out in a glittering gold designer dress! Going to a gala or attending a wedding? Gold is the perfect color to make you feel a little extra glamorous.

However, wearing a gold prom dress or evening gown isn’t just about throwing on the dress and heading out. You have to style the dress just right so that the gold gets its full chance to shine.

When you wear a gold dress, that gown IS the focal point of your outfit. Therefore, it’s best to keep your accessories neutral. Nude colored shoes and nude handbags will keep your outfit from being “too much.” Additionally, keep your makeup subtle and natural – except for a bold red lip if you’re feeling up to it.

What about jewelry? Believe it or not, you don’t HAVE to stick with gold jewelry when you’re wearing a gold gown. A few pops of color (or even silver) on your ears and neck can be a delightful way to add a little dimension to your look.

Popular Gold Gown Styles

If you want to wear a gold designer dress to your next event, it’s important that you choose a dress that suits the occasion. For example, let’s say you’re going to a formal wedding or a corporate gala. These events are sophisticated, and they often require conservative attire. A lovely ballgown with gold details can be a great way to glitz up the evening in a classy way.

For an occasion like prom, you may not need to be completely covered up – but you may also want to look a little more elegant than your typical dressy outfit. This is where a sheath dress in a subtle gold color can be great!

Now, let’s say you’re going to a sweet 16 party or a New Year’s Eve bash. These events are all about living it up and having a blast, so your outfit should be as bold and bright as you! This event is a great opportunity to turn heads from the moment you arrive in a sparkly mini dress with gold and silver accents.

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