On Trend: Over-skirts

The remarkable silhouette of an overskirt dress makes them an excellent choice for red carpet events, other formal evening events, and weddings. A bride wishing to embellish her dress without the extra weight will be wise to choose a dress with a detachable skirt that emphasizes the train. Overskirt dresses are more popular than ever this year, with both sheath and sheer options, enabling a smooth transition for any event.

When Should I Opt for an Overskirt Dress?

Dresses with overskirt are suitable for almost every formal event – a gala dinner, a reception, a ball, even an award ceremony. No one can remain indifferent to the glitz and glitter of this style. Overskirt dresses are available in an exciting flurry of materials, designs, styles, and colors.

At red carpet events, celebrities opt for enchanting overskirt dresses like the asymmetrical twinkle draped evening gown by MNM Fouad Sarkis, one of our most cherished and prized designers. This is reminiscent of something Oscar winner Lady Gaga would wear. The strapless bodice on this masterful piece features a glamorous sweetheart neckline. The quirky origami details create an asymmetrical, figure-flattering effect. The dazzling formal shimmers in glittering sea foam waves with a glamorous sweep train and regal ruffled details.

Another wondrous creation by this designer, suitable for the most formal of events, is the “lavish vines” evening gown. The illusion bodice nestles in stunning gilded vine embellishments, creating a dazzling and mesmerizing style. This sophisticated, long-sleeved red carpet look flows down to the ground. The full-length overlay floats down to a full-length hem with exquisite style and grace. 

Much like sequined capes, overskirts are free-flowing trains combining modern, sleek patterns with effortlessly chic silhouettes. None of these gowns could be described as too extravagant or busy because they have just the right combination of rich embroidery, exquisitely beaded or otherwise embellished fabrics, and oversized skirting.

Dresses with overskirt reference the classic Hollywood style with flared, fairytale silhouettes. The overall vibe is dramatic with voluminous skirts and a variety of necklines and sleeves to play with.

Your Dream Overskirt Dress from a Top Designer

Apart from the extravagant styles of MNM Fouad Sarkis, we offer beautiful off-skirt gowns by Gattinolli, Tarik Ediz and more. Gattinolli’s overskirt dresses are a suitable choice for balls and gala dinners, but also less formal events like a prom. The dresses are creatively designed with elegant billowing skirts. Tarik Ediz has some exquisite ruche and lace gowns with detachable skirts. A fitted bodice is formed by horizontal ruching beneath an off the shoulder neckline. The floor-length, lacy skirt is framed by a smooth, full-length extension under the sparkling rhinestone-embellished waist.

Get an Overskirt Dress for Your Next Special Event from NewYorkDress

The wide selection and vast range of inventory is one of the greatest advantages of buying a dress with overskirt from NewYorkDress. The latest designs are featured on our New Arrivals page. Browse the dresses in stock and select one to impress every attendee at your next special event.

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