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Velvet Dresses

There’s just something about velvet dresses that add an element of luxuriousness. Whether it’s crushed velvet or smooth, velvet dresses are definitely a look which have been floating around for a while now. When worn right, velvet has the potential to look very sophisticated and lavish. Shop the collection of designer velvet dresses at NewYorkDress:
Tarik Ediz 93656
From $924.00 - $1,016.00
Saboroma 4563
From $966.00 - $1,026.00
JVN JVN57803
From $318.00 - $358.00
Jasz Couture 6449
From $698.00 - $718.00
La Femme 25207
From $438.00 - $458.00
Clarisse M6576
From $250.00 - $265.00
Jovani 61750
From $550.00 - $640.00
Tarik Ediz 93664
From $558.00 - $614.00
Jovani 46060
From $480.00 - $530.00
La Femme 25576
From $298.00 - $318.00
Blush 11548
From $298.00 - $318.00
Terani 1821E7149
From $616.00 - $666.00
Blush 11524
From $298.00 - $318.00
Blush C1027
From $398.00 - $418.00
Tarik Ediz 93696
From $686.00 - $755.00
Jovani 55194
From $530.00 - $590.00
Tarik Ediz 93663
From $728.00 - $801.00
Jovani 54845
From $550.00 - $640.00
Cristallini SKA618
From $2,385.00 - $2,540.00
Jovani 61655
From $1,500.00 - $1,700.00

Available Velvet Dresses

Velvet is actually closely woven silk, cotton on nylon which has been cut to have a short pile on one side, which gives it the smooth side which you can move with your finger. Due to that construction, velvet dresses are often draped in a certain way so that the velvet lays a certain direction. We’ve all rubbed velvet. Usually, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Half the fun of wearing a velvet dress is running your hands along it the entire time you wear it.

Velvet dresses usually come in jewel tones and black. NewYorkDress actually stocks a ton of velvet dresses, and while the colors may repeat within jewel tones, each style of dress is completely different from the other.

Velvet Dos and Don’ts

When dressing in velvet clothes of any kind -- especially dresses -- keep in mind that the fabric often speaks for itself. Meaning, that the velvet is so pretty that you might not need a lot of extra embellishments because it does all the work by itself. Be careful not to over-accessorize.

Also, try to choose darker shades of velvet for the simple reason that stains can be nightmares to get out of velvet. It’s not that the stain can’t come out, it can. It’s that often in the process of removing the stain, the pile of the velvet may have been worn down, leaving a spot which doesn’t smooth or blend in with the rest of the velvet. If you have darker velvet then it is much harder to see any potential stains and also new stains left by getting out the old stains.

When to Wear Velvet

Soft, plush fabrics -- such as velvet -- usually get associated with fall and winter fashion. Yet, it’s really about the fabric thickness. For instance, in cold winter months, you want to wear the thickest velvet you can find. Search amongst velvets, double velvets, and velveteens for the fabrics which will keep you the warmest. Especially in the fall and winter, velvet dresses look beautiful paired with tights or fishnet stockings. If the dresses are long, then they can also look amazing with a long duster or trench coats.

As to when to wear velvet at an event, it really depends more on the cut and style of the dress than the fabric. Dress codes are not usually (almost never) as specific as the material of dress so any velvet you want to wear to a party or gala should be fine. However, keep the situation in mind. Wearing velvet to an outdoor wedding might be a huge mistake because you will boil yourself as velvet can be quite thick and not that breathable.

Find the Velvet Gown for You

NewYorkDress is the premier online marketplace for high-end dresses from around the world. There’s no one else on the market that has the selection from such elite designers. We understand loving high fashion and high-end craftsmanship. That’s why the designers we work with and the dresses we sell are all of the highest quality, with the finest attention to detail. We want to help more women find their perfect dress.

If you’re looking for a luxurious gown which you can wear to many different special occasions and look stunning at all of them, then check out our velvet gown collection -- it may be the perfect choice for you. Browse the collection and see if your dream dress is waiting for you just a few clicks away. If you have any questions, our team would love to answer your questions or help you navigate the dress selection process.