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Plus Size Prom Dresses

Prom night is just around the corner and if your heart is beating fast thinking about the price tag that comes attached to “the most beautiful dress” on the planet, fret not!

You deserve to celebrate your divine beauty this prom season. Crafted by keeping your style and budget in mind, our plus-size prom dress collection features unique dresses from world-class fashion houses. Journey across our repertoire of luxe prom dresses to become the belle of the ball!

High-End Designer Dresses to Celebrate Your Gorgeousness

Prom night is your night to quite literally “shine bright like a diamond!” You’ll want to find a dress that screams “glam,” “elegance,” “sparkle,” and “sensuousness.”

From soft, flowy dresses to figure-flattering silhouettes, from enigmatic florals to sexy dark hues, from looking like a royal beauty to transforming into a daring diva – pick your dream outfit without having to drain your bank account. Crafted with care, our ensemble features pieces that flaunt sexy backs, magical cut-outs, dazzling embellishments, whimsical patterns, and more.

A Mini Guide to Looking Drop-Dead Gorgeous on Prom

Your prom dress hunt should begin with decoding the question, “What’s my prom personality?”

Are you a femme fatale? A dainty princess? Bold royalty? Whimsical beauty?

Once you know your personality, it’s time to determine your style by understanding which neckline and silhouette would look stunning on you.

Are you a V-neck gal? Do you prefer spaghetti straps? Are bold and plunging necklines your style? Do you prefer figure-hugging silhouettes? Or would you rather go for flowy skirts? Embellishments or absolute minimalism?

With your personality and style now sorted, it’s time to pick a dress! Take a quick look at our collection and let your heart decide which piece you should wear on the big day. Now that the dress is in your cart, it’s time to decide on how you’re going to accessorize!

We recommend taking the “sparkling road” with chic clutches, and glamorous jewelry. But remember, if your dress flaunts a good doze of embellishments, go for subtle jewelry and shoes to keep the spotlight on your dress.

Make Prom Night, “Your” Night – Choose from a Variety of Styles, Silhouettes, Necklines, and More

Our carefully crafted collection of ultra-classy prom dresses for plus-size divas offers formal and semi-formal prom masterpieces in hot colors, sexy cutouts, divine patterns, unique fabrics, and magical silhouettes.

Look like an absolute enchantress in the Faviana V-neck dress featuring a sexy fitted bodice, crisscross open back, and floral lace appliques. Or, look like a dainty fairy in the magnificently chic Rachel Allan dress with delicate floral and golden-hued embroidery. Want to celebrate the femme fatale in you? Don’t think twice before owning this glamorous sweetheart neckline dress featuring a gradient-like glitter and hugging you in all the right places.

NewYorkDress Has Your Back

Anyone who has ever said a high-end designer dress is not affordable is absolutely wrong! One trip across TheDressWarehouse’s collection will reveal a diverse selection of designer dresses at insanely affordable prices. Why? Because we believe red-carpet-worthy dresses must be accessible to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Our goal is to make you look like a million bucks by offering tons of fab choices while being mindful of your budget. Ready to tap into the biggest possible designer dress sale? Explore our collection now!

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