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Formal Gowns & Classic Dresses

If you have a style icon you have in mind, channel that in one of our formal gowns. An impeccable formal gown draws inspiration from classic styles. Shop our selection of designer formal gowns and dresses below:

64% OFF
64% OFF
Tarik Ediz 93724
From $826.00 - $909.00
Tarik Ediz 93717
From $672.00 - $739.00
Tarik Ediz 93610
From $686.00 - $755.00
Terani 1822M7659
From $561.00 - $611.00
Terani 1823E7337
From $561.00 - $611.00
Terani 1823E7342
From $407.00 - $457.00
Terani 1823E7353
From $517.00 - $567.00
Terani 1823E7358
From $526.00 - $576.00
Terani 1823E7366
From $616.00 - $666.00
Terani 1823E7371
From $506.00 - $556.00
Terani 1823GL7531
From $1,738.00 - $1,788.00
Terani 1822GL7515
From $1,221.00 - $1,271.00
Terani 1822GL7508
From $1,342.00 - $1,392.00
Terani 1822E7293
From $594.00 - $644.00
Terani 1822E7292
From $484.00 - $534.00
Terani 1822E7286
From $253.00 - $303.00
Terani 1822E7273
From $429.00 - $479.00
Terani 1822E7266
From $583.00 - $633.00
Terani 1822E7265
From $825.00 - $875.00
Terani 1822E7255
From $539.00 - $589.00
Terani 1821M7585
From $748.00 - $798.00
Terani 1821M7581
From $473.00 - $523.00
Terani 1821M7572
From $693.00 - $743.00

Finding the Perfect Formal Gown

When searching for the perfect formal dress for your upcoming event, there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind as you select your gown:

  • Be sure you know exactly what kind of event you’re attending and if there is a dress code or not
  • Think about silhouettes that fit the occasion and start browsing to your heart’s content.

Formal events often have a specific dress expectation for their guests, and you want to be the belle of the ball while still maintaining the proper decorum. Be confident in your formal gown and let your beautiful evening gown carry you through the night.

Formal Gown Guidelines

When it comes to formal gowns, you can generally expect them to be full length. If you’re thinking of having a less traditional hemline, look for dresses that are hi-low, where the front hem is shorter than the hemline on the back of the dress. This helps to give you the look you desire without completing disregarding the attire requirements.

If a floor-length gown seems too traditional for you, consider of looking for a dress with a bit of drama. Consider finding a gown with a gorgeous train. Not only will a train add some flair to the traditional formal gown, but will keep everyone’s eyes on you.

Another option is to choose a dress with sexy, high side slit. Nothing adds drama to a dress like a little bit of leg peeking through. Just keep in mind, that a floor-length hemline is what distinguishes formal gowns from cocktail dresses or club dresses.

An invitation to a black-tie dinner doesn’t necessarily mean you are attending a conservative event. There’s always a way to find an appropriate dress that fits your unique style and personality. With a variety of colors and embellishments, you don’t have to stick to black, darling.

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