Jovani 04430 SilverJovani 04430 Silver

Jovani 04430 Dress

From $750.00
Jovani 00446 NavyJovani 00446 Light Blue

Jovani 00446 Dress

From $750.00
Jovani 02492 NudeJovani 02492 Nude

Jovani 02492 Dress

From $1,575.00
Jovani 02852 NavyJovani 02852 Navy

Jovani 02852 Dress

From $900.00
Jovani 3917 Black/SilverJovani 3917 Black/Silver

Jovani 3917 Dress

From $640.00
Jovani 03330 BlackJovani 03330 Black

Jovani 03330 Dress

From $680.00
Jovani 04585 NavyJovani 04585 Navy

Jovani 04585 Dress

From $590.00
Jovani 05054 CopperJovani 05054 Copper

Jovani 05054 Dress

From $770.00
Jovani 59993 GreenJovani 59993 Navy

Jovani 59993 Dress

From $680.00
Jovani 39739 WineJovani 39739 Wine

Jovani 39739 Dress

From $598.00
Jovani 51838 Gunmetal

Jovani 51838 Dress

From $1,100.00
Jovani 02921 Grey MultiJovani 02921 Grey Multi

Jovani 02921 Dress

From $900.00
Jovani 02479 PeriwinkleJovani 02479 Periwinkle

Jovani 02479 Dress

From $998.00
Jovani 1226 WhiteJovani 1226 White

Jovani 1226 Dress

From $1,018.00
Jovani 04841 GreenJovani 04841 Navy

Jovani 04841 Dress

From $730.00
Jovani 04222 GreenJovani 04222 Green

Jovani 04222 Dress

From $735.00
Jovani 06451 IvoryJovani 06451 Ivory
On sale

Jovani 06451 Dress

$404.00 $830.00
Jovani 4466 NavyJovani 4466 Navy

Jovani 4466 Dress

From $770.00
Jovani 02504 Gold/SilverJovani 02504 Gold/Silver

Jovani 02504 Dress

From $1,040.00
Jovani 55796 IvoryJovani 55796 Ivory

Jovani 55796 Dress

From $1,250.00
Jovani 3110 BlueJovani 3110 Blue

Jovani 3110 Dress

From $1,155.00
Jovani 65379 GreyJovani 65379 Grey

Jovani 65379 Dress

From $970.00
Jovani 3686 Perriwinkle PeriwinkleJovani 3686 Perriwinkle Periwinkle

Jovani 3686 Dress

From $1,040.00
Jovani 05752 LilacJovani 05752 Silver/Nude

Jovani 05752 Dress

From $714.00
Jovani 1863 NavyJovani 1863 Navy

Jovani 1863 Dress

From $892.00
Jovani 3180 WhiteJovani 3180 Merlot

Jovani 3180 Dress

From $735.00
Jovani 06566 Light BlueJovani 06566 Black

Jovani 06566 Dress

From $640.00
Jovani 04240 WhiteJovani 04240 White

Jovani 04240 Dress

From $680.00
Jovani 24000 Dress Purple-PinkJovani 24000 Dress Purple-Pink

Jovani 24000 Dress

From $750.00
Jovani 04624 Light BlueJovani 04624 Ivory/Nude

Jovani 04624 Dress

From $530.00

Jovani Dresses

Jovani formal dresses are known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. Jovani offers a wide variety of styles including cocktail dresses, prom dresses, formal evening wear and pageant gowns. Regardless of your formal wear needs, Jovani is sure to have the perfect gown available.

Figure Flattering & Comfortable Fit

Shopping for formal wear can be extremely stressful. You want a gown that flatters your figure and doesn’t break the bank. It is important for most ladies that they are wearing something original and unlike anything other women are wearing. If this sounds like you, Jovani is the designer to use.

Jovani designs are made to flatter a woman’s body. Jovani’s designs have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet. No one is more concerned about a flattering fit than a celebrity. The fact that they are comfortable with the fit and design of Jovani should give you confidence.

Halter Top Dresses

There are a variety of ways that Jovani creates a flattering look for their formal wear. One universally flattering look is the halter top. Whether you are large or small on top, have broad shoulders or are petite, a halter style top creates a feminine look. Jovani’s halter styles are worth a look whether you are shopping for a formal evening dress or a flirty prom gown.

Dress Separates

Jovani Dresses also offers separates which are a great choice for the hard to fit figure. Many designers do not offer separates in formal wear, but Jovani does. This allows you to choose the most flattering top and bottom for your body type. Separates can look too casual when approached the wrong way, but Jovani, through the use of spectacular fabrics and attention to detail, offers many stylish choices.

Plus Size Jovani Dresses

Many women that wear plus sizes find that their selection in formal wear is limited. Jovani offers a range of formal wear in plus sizes. More than just the normal formal wear in larger sizes, Jovani’s plus sized formal wear employs the flattering cuts and highest quality fabrics that Jovani is known for. Their use in these garments provides the ultimate in flattering styles.

Gorgeous Prom Designs

Jovani is probably best known for their wide range of prom designs. Jovani prom has a reputation for creating the newest looks in prom designs each year. Their goal when designing their annual prom line is to create a flattering fit with a young and hip style.

What should you look for when shopping for formal wear? For the most flattering fit, keep these tips in mind:

  • Fabric matters. One reason for Jovani’s popularity is that the designer uses only the highest quality fabric. High end fabrics move gracefully when you move. They also highlight areas that you want to highlight and camouflage areas you want to camouflage. Some fabrics may look good on the rack, but once you put them on, they highlight every bump and flaw.
  • Classic styles are classic for a reason. While everyone wants a unique dress, sticking with a classic style has its advantages. One of the reasons that a style becomes a classic is because it looks good on a variety of figures. Designers such as Jovani are masters at taking a classic style and updating it just enough to create a hip look.
  • The best dress is the one that fits. Often a dress that you are sure will look perfect doesn’t look so great once you put it on. The reason for this is often due to the fit. Even the most well-made dress can often benefit from a nip at the waist or a change in the hemline. These adjustments are inexpensive and well worth the investment.
  • Know your event. Some dresses can easily go from a formal dinner to a holiday party, but usually a formal gown is suited for a particular occasion. If you have a particular occasion in mind, such as a prom, consider what you will be doing. A dress that is slinky and has a long train may look terrific but will make dancing nearly impossible. A shorter dress with a full skirt will allow you to move easily and still look breathtaking.
  • Formal can be versatile. If you need a dress for more than one occasion, choose a dress that is versatile. Steer clear of vibrant, memorable colors, such as turquoise or red. Don’t think that you have to stick with black. Tan, dark brown or midnight blue can all be striking choices. Designers like Jovani that use interesting and high quality fabrics are well suited for multipurpose dresses. The fabric provides interest, and because the dresses are so well made, they can easily be worn more than once. Change the look of the dress with different heels, throws, scarves or jewelry.

No one will argue that formal wear can be expensive. Careful shopping, and choosing a dress made by a quality designer such as Jovani, ensures that you will get the perfect dress for your event. Coupling your formal wear with eye catching accessories allow you to tailor the look of your gown to your particular event.

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