Mac Duggal Dresses

Mac Duggal dresses bring an uptown look out on the town with phenomenal decorated dresses filled with high style.

The sleek and sexy looks sparkle with the pizazz of energy that can only come from New York City. How fitting, then, that you can find these fabulous and stunning pieces of work here in our collections on! From high-def mini dresses that show off your legs to punk-rock looks that glam you up from head to toe, the looks available here will set your imagination wild – so we hope you’ve got a full social calendar coming up ahead of you, because there’s no doubt that once you see these looks you’ll want to get the girls over with a bottle of sparkling wine (or soda, if you’re under twenty-one) to dress up and head out with the girls.

Mac Duggal is a premier dress designer based in Illinois, USA. Born in India, Mac Duggal honed his enthusiasm for female couture fashion early on by merging the royal history and opulent traditions of India with a contemporary design vision focused on sophistication.

Mac Duggal gowns come in couture, pageant and prom designs. He prides himself on knowing that today’s modern woman is dynamic and deserves a style that reflects that. He also notes that he designs for a sophisticated woman who lives in harmony with life and herself. His goal is to provide every woman with the opportunity to be chic, to live between reality and fantasy.

East Meets West

He arrived in America at 23 years old and launched his first collection, Creative Creations, a line which seamlessly blended Indian fashion and elegance with Western styling. He prefers to use fabrics and color which are “hot and spicy like the fashion and cuisine of his homeland.”

One of his original designs, named his “Wish Upon a Star” design, launched him into the world of women’s couture fashion. Coming off that success, he opened his first design house in Chicago, Illinois. Now, 30 years later, his headquarters have moved to Burr Ridge, Illinois with over 20,000 worldwide experts ensuring quality of fabrics and designs.

After such success in the couture world, Duggal decided to introduce designer prom dresses and pageant wear as well. His high fashion take on prom dresses quickly pushed him to the forefront of the prom dress market, even winning the 1999 Diva Fashion Award for Designer of the Year for Prom/Pageant.

As of late, Duggal has sponsored dozens of national and international pageant titleholders including Miss USA, Miss America, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Universe. His success in work and journey from India to America was even featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC in 2017.

Gorgeous Gowns in Every Hue

Mac Duggal dresses come in nearly every color and length possible. If you have a vision of a dress you’d like, then Duggal has probably designed it. Among the choices, his collections contain a few distinct color styles: ultra-feminine pastel, gemstone-hued sleek, voluminous bold colors, bright sophistication and flowing florals. Here are a few examples of these styles:

Of course, due to his wide design style, there are many fabulous gowns which fall outside of these categories. Duggal dresses are not limited by color, length or style. There’s something for every woman.

Stunning Shapes & Forms

One of Duggal’s specialties is short dresses. Mac Duggal short dresses are particularly popular with women attending prom, as the dresses are designed with a more lighthearted look, but still with the couture design quality. These looks are also courted by A-list celebrities, TV personalities, athletes, pageant titleholders and influencers around the world.

The Mac Duggal design house continues to produce seasonal collections which are world renowned for their drama, femininity and modern aesthetic. From the drama of a sweeping cape or train to the sweetness of a short prom dress, Duggal designs are the perfect wardrobe addition for any special occasion or milestone moment.

Shine Your Brightest

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