Terani 1821E7142CL NavyTerani 1821E7142CL Navy
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Terani 1821E7142CL Dress

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Terani 1821E7138CL PeriwinkleTerani 1821E7138CL Periwinkle
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Terani 1821E7138CL Dress

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Terani 1822GL7502cl BlackTerani 1822GL7502cl Black
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Terani 1822GL7502cl Dress

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Terani 1721GL4461 PeachTerani 1721GL4461 Peach
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Terani 1721GL4461cl Dress

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Terani 1822M7650 MidnightTerani 1822M7650 Midnight
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Terani 1822M7650 Dress

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Terani 1721H4554 Black/BlushTerani 1721H4554 Black/Blush
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Terani 1721H4554 Dress

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Terani 1821E7138 PeriwinkleTerani 1821E7138 Periwinkle
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Terani 1821E7138 Dress

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Terani 1823GL7531 Plum-NudeTerani 1823GL7531 Plum-Nude
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Terani 1823GL7531 Dress

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Terani 1823M7732 ChampagneTerani 1823M7732 Champagne
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Terani 1823M7732 Dress

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Terani 1822M7650 MidnightTerani 1822M7650 Midnight
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Terani 1822M7650 Dress

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Terani 1822GL7502 BlackTerani 1822GL7502 Black
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Terani 1822GL7502 Dress

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Terani 1822GL7501 PeachTerani 1822GL7501 Peach
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Terani 1822GL7501 Dress

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Terani 1822GL7493 OliveTerani 1822GL7493 Olive
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Terani 1822GL7493 Dress

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Terani 1821GL7439 ToastTerani 1821GL7439 Toast
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Terani 1821GL7439 Dress

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Terani 1821GL7423 DressTerani 1821GL7423 Dress
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Terani 1821GL7423 Dress

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Terani 1821GL7412 Blush-OliveTerani 1821GL7412 Blush-Olive

Terani 1821GL7412 Dress

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Terani 1821E7108 DressTerani 1821E7108 Dress
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Terani 1821E7103 RedTerani 1821E7103 Red
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Terani 1821E7103 Dress

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Sherri Hill 52350 BlackSherri Hill 52350 Ivory
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Sherri Hill 52299 IvorySherri Hill 52299 Ivory
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Andrea and Leo A0432 CL DressAndrea and Leo A0432 CL Dress
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Morrell Maxie 15889 RoseMorrell Maxie 15889 Rose
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Morrell Maxie 15889 Dress

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Rachel Allan 5030Rachel Allan 5030
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Rachel Allan 5030 Dress

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Jovani 59873 BlushJovani 59873 Blush
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Jovani 59873 Dress

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On Trend: Feather Dresses

In recent seasons dresses with feathers, both faux and real, have become part of the zeitgeist once again. Right now, you’d be less likely to impress in a tulle floor-length gown than if you donned the marabou look. Wearing feathers is a guaranteed way to leave your mark.

The Best Occasions to Wear a Feather Evening Gown

A feather evening gown is most appropriate at a creative black tie event. You could put on a cocktail dress or dress up in a long gown, depending on preference. Whichever you choose, accessorizing with this hot embellishment wouldn’t be a mistake. For an extra wow factor, include beads and sheer fabrics.

Feathers are a unique touch that wouldn’t be out of place at a formal event like a ball, gala, prom, reception, wedding, homecoming, or engagement party. You can also wear a shorter dress with feathers to a cocktail party. The classic LBD is perfect cocktail attire, and accessorizing with feathers is the easiest way to let your personality shine.

On this occasion, we’d recommend a chic short formal with feathered skirt by Sherri Hill. The subtly curved neckline is supported by thin spaghetti straps. Tailoring seam lines shape a sleek fit, tracing your natural curves. A dazzling belt circles the waist, drawing attention to the narrowest point of the body. The flared skirt and short hemline is garnered with a feather trim.

If your event is more formal, you’ll need a slightly different style, like a full-length number with feathers and additional embellishments, such as shimmery detail. One of our best designers offering this style is Terani. Their off-the-shoulder, feather trim dresses are flattering to any body type thanks to a fitted bodice and a soft, flowing skirt. Ornate shimmering detail lends dazzle to the bodice, and a thigh-high slit on one side adds a daring touch.

Another style that’s perfect for formal events is a crystal-lit evening two-set piece with V-neck and sleeveless styling that debuts the fitted bodice. A jazzy crop reveals the midriff. The matching skirt flows to a full length with feathered accents. The piece is covered in shimmering crystals, so you’ll shine from head to toe.

Gorgeous Feather Gowns from Jasz Couture and Terani

You can wear these designers’ glamorous feather gowns to your homecoming, prom, graduation party, gala dinner, or a pageant. Their dresses have been featured in Teen Prom and Seventeen and are popular choices among pageant contestants. From their signature cut-out, feather-trimmed designs to opulent, floor-length pieces embellished with feathers and shimmering gems, these designers are two of the most innovative and creative ones on the market.

Terani, in particular, has a wide variety of delicate feather dresses that are the quintessence of sophistication and formality. Ladies with an avant-garde style will delight in the riveting colors and luxury fabrics like silk and satin. A feather evening gown is a chance to emphasize your uniqueness through an elite, outstanding haute couture design.

NewYorkDress can offer these and other excellent designers’ feather gown collections at affordable prices. We are the go-to online retailer for girls and women, to whom indulgence in opulence and extravagance is a way of life.

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