21SIX Designer Dresses

A 21SIX dress is much more than “something you wear for your next party.” It is a symbol of your agelessness, your sensual femininity, and your refined taste in fashion. Wear any 21SIX piece and you’ll watch yourself transform into a powerful symbol of beauty that never fades from the onlookers’ imaginations. 

What is the 21SIX Designer Brand All About?

Born in Vietnam, 21SIX has become the most adventurous love affair of fashion-forward women across the world. The brand’s mission is all about, “Building an elegant, youthful but equally sexy and feminine image for modern girls through fashion style, giving customers a unique image with a unique mark.” So, if you’ve explored the vibrancy of the 21SIX collection, the only question is, “Why hide your seductive beauty when you can bring it all into the spotlight?”

Own Every Event in Your 21SIX Attire 

Whether you’re heading to a wedding, gala, prom, red carpet event, cocktail party, or any other formal or semi-formal event, the 21SIX is just the place to look for the elegant dress of your dreams. 

The 21SIX collection is so diverse, you can even manage to build an entire wardrobe out of it! Here, you’ll find delicate dresses with feathery details, sexy short pieces that cling to your body while helping you show off your legs with a tight high slit, layered pieces designed to make you look like a sensuous fairy, ruffled skirts and necklines to highlight your delicate femininity, and royal gowns in luxurious reds to (literally and metaphorically) get you ready for the crown!

The way 21SIX gets creative with ruffles is perhaps a gift no fashion brand can acquire. You’ll find a unique and whimsical ruffle setting in several 21SIX pieces. Take the designer’s Tulle Evening Dress with Flared Gypsy Skirt for example. This A-line, floor-length gown unveils a magnificent tulle gypsy skirt with unique ruffle trim. 

There is also the Smoothly Draping A-line Ruffle Gown that features fluttering cape sleeves, a feminine bodice, an asymmetric hem, and a ruffle panel. All these features come together to craft a fairy-tale-inspired look and make a magical and beautiful dream. 

Where “Vibrant” Meets “Timeless”

21SIX creates feminine designs to keep your 21-year-old spirit forever intact. Pick any piece by the designer, and you’ll notice how it uncovers the seductive and graceful beauty hidden within you. 

By using fresh and innovative designs and merging them with distinctive materials, the 21SIX collection breaks all age boundaries that fashion itself may create for women. The collection quite literally sweeps the color spectrum with its soft neutral shades, delicate whites, pale pinks, shiny lilacs, pastel pinks, royal magentas, bold maroons, rich greens, and even rebellious blacks. 

Regardless of the type of 21SIX piece you pick, you can rest assured it will always remain timeless. The secret lies in the uniqueness of each piece and the designer’s desire to ensure every woman looks like an ageless queen. 

NewYorkDress: Your Treasure Trove of 21SIX Dresses

A 21SIX dress is truly an investment. Not only can you wear it for every special occasion but the piece itself will never go out of style. If your heart is set on one or more 21SIX pieces, NewYorkDress is the perfect online marketplace to buy them from! We feature a variety of high-end designer dresses from world-renowned fashion houses for women of all shapes and sizes. 

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