Orange Designer Dresses

Sometimes, the world of fashion – especially evening gowns – can feel very black and white. You have your little black dresses, your long black gowns, and the occasional white dress to mix things up. Maybe you’ll see a jewel tone here and there for a little splash of color. But the brighter, more vibrant hues? They tend to be left out.

It’s time your wardrobe embraces the beauty of something bright – and we’ve got just the color to start with. Orange dresses are here to spice up your style and add some color to your life, whether you’re going to prom, the theatre, or out on the town.

Why Should I Wear Orange?

Orange is a color from which most women shy away. We’ll admit, it’s a tough color to wear exactly right; with the wrong style or wrong accessories, you can end up looking more like a pumpkin than a fashionista. However, when all the pieces work together well, an orange designer dress can be a thing of real beauty.

When you wear an orange dress, you make yourself truly one of a kind. After all, no one else will be wearing an orange evening gown at your prom, your gala, or your best friends’ wedding! Your look will be completely unique, and it will show everyone that you are bold, vibrant, and beautiful.

The Best Styles for Orange Gowns

As we mentioned earlier, orange dresses aren’t easy to pull off. You need to create a look that is both flattering and fashion-forward – particularly since this vibrant color is sure to attract attention.

Look for dresses in cuts that flatter your body type; for example, women with hourglass shapes may want to wear something cinched at the waist, while pear-shaped girls may want something in an A-line or fit and flared style.

Once you find the cut that suits you, dress it up with something fun and feminine. Frills, lace, or delicate jewelry contrasts nicely with the boldness of the orange color, creating a look that’s strong, yet sweet.

When to Wear Orange

Most people think that orange belongs squarely in the fall months. That’s when it’s all around us – the leaves, the pumpkins, you get the picture. However, orange is a color you can wear nearly all year long! Sure, it looks great amid a seasonal, fall color scheme, but it’s also a great option for spring garden parties and proms, as well as summer weddings.

Find Your Orange Designer Dress Today

Filling your closet with stylish, high-quality pieces shouldn’t mean overspending. Whether you’re looking for orange designer dresses to spice up your wardrobe or a classic LBD for a company party, New York Dress can provide you with beautiful gowns from your favorite designers, all at discounted prices.

Every time you shop at NYD, you’re guaranteed to find something truly great. Take a look at our selection of orange evening gowns and prom dresses today. You just might find the perfect dress for your next formal event.

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