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Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

For the bride, the rehearsal dinner is one of the final magic moments you spend as a single lady that most likely takes place the night before the wedding. For wedding guests, it's another chance to celebrate with the couple on their last night of singlehood before they tie the knot. It's only proper that you look your best.

Wedding rehearsals can range from being a casual dinner party to a formal black-tie event, and your outfit needs to look the part. Whichever turn the dress code takes, your rehearsal dinner dress must make up the perfect ensemble.

The Bride's Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Many brides shove their wedding rehearsal dress prep to the side because they don't think it's essential, and there are many other things to plan for, like the big day.

As the bride, you cannot afford to be underdressed for your rehearsal dinner. While we're not asking you to go overboard, you must acknowledge that it is your party, and everyone is gathering in honor of your big day.

How do you want to remember your last night as a single lady? Perfect? Dreamy? Magical? You can let all of this reflect in your choice as you shop for dresses for rehearsal.

Usually, there are no serious rules to what the bride can wear for her rehearsal dinner. It's your party, so you make your own rules. This time, you're going to let your style and the tone of the event guide your choice.

For instance, a full-length gown is what you should be looking at for a formal black-tie event. If it is taking place at a restaurant, a sweet cocktail dress will look delightful. If dresses and gowns are not quite your style and you're more of a T-shirt and jeans lady, you can choose a daring style that fits right in, like a fancy jumpsuit.

What Style Should You Wear?

It's your day; nobody can choose your style for you but you. However, you need to remember that your rehearsal dinner is the night before your wedding, and so you must not exert your energy before your big day.

Everything you put together must be comfortable and easy to wear, including your shoes. You want to avoid any fashion mishaps and injuries so that you don't ruin your wedding day with an emergency change of plans.

Usually, the rehearsal dinner lasts for about 45 minutes, so it's not really an occasion to go crazy over and make choices you will regret on your wedding morning.

To choose your dress, think about your personality and what you love to wear, then think about making it memorable for the dinner.

If it is a black-tie event, then you need a full-length gown that's charming but simple. This backless, floral patterned Jovani dress is chic and unique, a good choice for the black-tie dinner.

A cocktail dress also makes a preppy entrance at a restaurant dinner. This Andrea and Leo lace-embellished cocktail dress comes in rosewood, smoky blue, and ivory nude colors that suit the occasion.

Another way to go is to choose a wedding dress, but in a shorter length, for your dinner. We love this Sherri Hill studded party dress or this John Paul Ataker applique-adorned cocktail dress for this look.

Jumpsuits can be your type of fashion, and that's okay. We have designer jumpsuits that will make you look just as special as any dress. The Mac Duggal wide-bottomed jumpsuit is one look to go for that suits rehearsal dinners perfectly.

Once you find your perfect dress, go easy on the accessories; simple jewelry and very comfortable shoes are a wise choice.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses as a Guest

If you're not a part of the wedding party and would just be attending as a guest, then choosing a dress might be just as tricky as the bride. Here are a few tips for you:

  •       Choose a style that fits the theme and location of the dinner. While not attempting to dress down, avoiding colors like white or ivory will be in your best interest since you're not trying to take the bride's place.
  •       A safe way to go is to find out the dress code from the bride or whoever invited you. This way, you can avoid any bridal wars and confusion. An elegant cocktail dress or simple party dress can also help you play it safe.

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