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Jovani 64266 BlackJovani 64266 Black
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Jovani 64266BG Dress

$390.00 $750.00
Jovani 04619 RedJovani 04619 Beige
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Jovani 04619BG Dress

$330.00 $598.00
Nox Anabel T718 Navy BlueNox Anabel T718 Lilac
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Nox Anabel T718CL

$109.00 $155.00
Jovani 05645 Dress EmeraldJovani 05645 Dress Emerald
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Jovani 05645BG Dress

$350.00 $690.00
Jovani 04189 TangerineJovani 04189 Magenta
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Jovani 04189BG Dress

$220.00 $440.00
Jovani 04190 Dark-PlumJovani 04190 Dark-Plum
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Jovani 04190BG Dress

$230.00 $398.00
Jovani 03513 RoyalJovani 03513 Royal
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Jovani 03513BG Dress

$350.00 $690.00
Jovani 07669 YellowJovani 07669 Hot-Pink
On sale

Jovani 07669BG Dress

$230.00 $480.00
Jovani 09739 Off-WhiteJovani 09739 Off-White
On sale

Jovani 09739BG Dress

$350.00 $900.00

Homecoming Dresses

Having Homecoming Dresses from major designers to more moderate prices allows for one to have the full range of options. It's never too early to start looking for dresses, and with fall fashion trends beginning to make their way toward the runway it's important to know what's out there, as well as how to style a great look.

Fall Fashion for Homecoming

When the weather turns cooler, the fashion gets hot! Past years have seen fall fashion looking back fondly on the golden age of Hollywood and gothic romance, something sure to make an impact as we go forward into fall. Fun, flirty looks that adapt the red carpet for cooler climates, flowing gowns and short (but not too short!) skirts find favor with trendsetters. Strappy (or strap-less) dresses are big, and show off youth and freshness while staying conservative enough to avoid upsetting parents and chaperones at the big dance.

Some people look at Homecoming as a sort of practice round for prom season in the spring, and this means a slightly less formal/sophisticated look. These dresses are a part of memories for years to come and there's nothing better for self-esteem than looking like a princess on such a special night.

Homecoming Dresses in a Variety of Styles

Whether strapless, skinny-strapped, or (if in a colder climate) with sleeves, the most important thing is to find a dress that flatters the positive physical features of its wearer. The amount of flexibility in style of dress can be daunting, but this is where one can really let one's personal style shine through.

Colors, shapes, and cuts are open to interpretation and should flatter the figure without revealing too much skin. Remember, the time for ultra-mini dresses is around the corner, and it's called college! Elegant, edgy dresses take advantage of new developments in textile design like soft lame fabric to give today a whole new range of options.

Express Your Personal Homecoming Style

Not everyone wants to follow the traditional path to a dress, and that's fine too. Personal style and the freedom to express personality through fancy clothes is part of what makes it so exciting! If a person's taste runs toward punk-or emo-style fashions, then they shouldn't feel pressured to wear a dress that fits a typical fairytale vision. On the other hand, it’s an event that will stay with a person through their lives, through photos, memories shared with friends, and family stories. To ensure the dress remains a source of happy memories instead of an embarrassing reminder of a high school fashion victim, sometimes erring on the side of classic simplicity is the way to go. By looking at a dress as an investment piece instead of a one-off-wear and dressing it up with trendy accessories, teens can maximize the value of their wardrobe – and give themselves the motivation to avoid the 'freshman fifteen' as they move into college.

Choosing Your Homecoming Dress

When picking the best color for a dress, there are a few considerations that need to be made. The most important thing is picking a color that compliments the wearer's skin. Don't play it safe, try shades that might not be a part of the rest of one's wardrobe! Remember to try on as many cuts, shapes, sizes, and colors as possible while at the store to be sure of getting the perfect dress.

Warmer colors are always a winner in the fall, although regional climate can make a difference - warm weather and sunshine can prompt lighter patterns and shades.  Shimmering colors and elegance suggestive of more adult fashions are acceptable, with designers catering their collections to those who want to experience their first taste of a grown-up evening.

While there's plenty of time, start looking at what's fashionable now and where new fashions are likely to come from. Check out magazines and look at photos online to see what was popular a year ago and what's likely to be in style during the season.

Pick a fabric that suits your body type. Every young woman has features that she loves about her body, and both cut and material should compliment this rather than call attention to flaws. Make excursions with both family members and friends, as each will have different views and opinions on the way dresses might flatter their wearer and it's important to gather all those opinions before making a final decision. Store clerks are also great for offering unbiased advice (which anyone might need after a round or two of dresses with mom or dad), and since they know their inventory they can offer tips on what fashions might look best - or (if they care more about helping their customers than making a quick buck) where better fits and fashions might be found.

Once your homecoming dress is sorted, it's time to get prepared - next up? Prom!

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