Lace Dresses

For a long time, lace has been used as a symbol of wealth, influence and fashion. From Elizabeth I to Marie Antoinette, lace was worn in ever more intricate patterns. Lace can be created by hand or by machine, and different iterations of lace making are coveted depending on who it is making the lace. Shop the beautiful selection of lace dresses from NewYorkDress:
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Our Lace Gowns

That being the case, we at NewYorkDress stock lace dresses all the time, because they are beautiful and popular with people looking for gorgeous gowns. Lace gown outfits often translate as dainty or really feminine. Our lace dress collection has over 50 pieces of the highest quality and infest attention to detail. Here are a few of the pieces we love, sorted by designer:

Lace styles completely range from the dramatic -- where the lace is fighting the dress design or color for attention -- to the demure. It completely depends on the designer. Some prefer to use lacy cutouts in their work while other cover demure dresses in lace from the start. Check out our lace dress collection to see if any of the styles speak to you.

Dos & Don’ts of Wearing Lace

When wearing lace there are just a few things you should keep in mind. First, lace is already a very intricate fabric. Choose one piece of statement jewelry or otherwise keep it very minimal. Don’t layer on accessories because then it will just look like a big jumble. Also, in dresses where the pattern extends over the whole entire dress or near the bottom of the dress, consider wearing nude heels or flats in order to keep the lower half of your outfit from becoming too busy.

If you get a stain on the lace, be very careful with how you go about cleaning it. Scrubbing too hard at a spot on the lace may weaken some of the threads and result in the lace essentially disintegrating at that point, which can then unravel more of the lace to either side -- definitely not ideal.

When to Wear Lace

You can wear lace any time that you’d like, but usually, lace is especially popular in spring and summer, perhaps because of all the white. Lace is also interesting because the quality of the lace is so indicative of where you would be accepted and where you would be rejected. If it was made by a machine, often the lace is so finely stitched that it quite resembles other fabric entirely. The opposite is also true. Huge lace patterns or hand-crafted lace don’t’ seem to be white or black tie material.

Find Your Perfect Lace Gown

NewYorkDress is the premier online marketplace for high-end dresses from around the world. There’s no one else on the market that has the selection from such elite designers. We understand loving high fashion and high-end craftsmanship. That’s why the designers we work with and the dresses we sell are all of the highest quality, with the finest attention to detail. We want to help more women find their perfect dress.

If you’re looking for a beautiful dress which you can wear to many different special occasions and look stunning at all of them, then check out our lace gown collection -- it may be the perfect choice for you. Browse the collection and see if your dream dress is waiting just a few clicks away. If you have any questions, our team would love to answer your questions or help you navigate the dress selection process.