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Colette CL5117 Dress

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So you’ve picked out your dress, and now you’re ready to start thinking about how you’ll make the style and fashion your own...

 In order to personalize your look, you can draw from the numerous accessories we offer – stylish options that will give you more individual ways to look your best on the day of your special occasion. The types of accessories you can purchase directly from vary, ranging from shoes to purses and clutches and body shapers, all of which contribute to helping you look your best when you head out the door for your big special event.

Designer Shoes for Every Occasion

Click those heels together and transport yourself off to a wonderland of glamour and beauty, where high heels are easy to walk in and rainbows of colored shoes appear at the snap of a finger!

If it’s shoes you need to make your special occasion sparkle become even more radiant, then you’ve come to the right place, since we’re happy to offer you all kinds of shoes from dye-able, color-coordinated pieces meant to match the shades of your special dress all the way to the sparkly metallic heels that encase the ankle of their wearer while showing off sparkling and dazzling heels.

These original and stylish looks offer some of the most innovative uses of modern trends and fashions, with the heels and platforms styled to mimic the looks of the Hollywood set. With gorgeous chunk heels and delicate stilettos, these looks are perfect for the modern girl who’s looking to add to her shoe collection and find dressed-up looks that will flatter her whether she’s wearing her special occasion dress or she’s decided to throw on some skinny jeans and head down to the club with her girls! If you’re looking for shoes to bring to your prom or wear out to a club, then there are also a number of non-dye-able shoes that incorporate striking, glittering details. Some of these feature decorated stiletto heels, while others are plainer and rely more on classic embellishments like bows and crystal pieces.

Stunning Body Shapers

You may not want to put in the hours at the gym, but we bet you’re eager to look good on the dance floor! That’s why we’ve provided these stunning body shaper accessories, which will help you make sure that even though you’re not on the treadmill two hours a day, your belly isn’t puffing out and ruining the effect of a gorgeous and carefully-crafted appearance.

Wear our Cami Dress Shaper, Cami Body Shaper, High Waisted Panty Shaper, High Waisted Boxer Shaper, and all the other effective and useful body shapers you can find in this, our accessories section.

Pay attention to the kind of dress you’re going to wear to your special occasion and make sure that you can be confident of the undergarments providing a solid foundation for your outfit, and you’ll be delighted with how much more smooth and sophisticated your appearance will be in a well-fitted body shaper! For those who want to achieve more sultry looks, the Bustier Shaper offers attachments for garters and stockings, which can give your new dress some old-fashioned appeal. You’ll turn heads as you make your way down the red carpet, so make sure you’re ready to take on the consequences of looking amazing!

Evening Bags & Clutches

Everyone knows that formal ball gowns need more subtle purses and clutch bags than most women use in their day to day life. Choosing a purse to accompany your dress can add indelible dimension to many outfits, particularly when it’s done right. You can choose these cute and affordable designer clutches and purses to accompany you when you make your way through the spotlight, and whether you use a $40 Satin Handbag with Rhinestone Closure or a $230 Diagonal Design Handbag, you’ll feel a luxurious sense of indulgence when you open your beautiful bag to reveal your basic necessities on the night of your big event. All these pieces are spacious enough for the basics while offering sleek and stylish designs embellished by beads, jewels, and metallic details.

Designer Jackets & Shawls

For those who want to have a light covering for chillier evening outings, our jackets and shawls will make the perfect addition to any formal gown. Both pieces are small, light fabric coverings that will help shield you from the brunt of the cold when out enjoying your night on the town or special occasion or event. These delicate looks can also serve as embellishments/accessories more generally when attending indoor events.

Enjoy browsing the beautiful accessories available from, and select the pieces that will make you look your best on your big day.

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