Cecilia Couture Dresses

Cecilia Couture specializes in couture creations for fashion shows and special occasions, as well as to promote fashion design to younger people just starting out in the industry. They focus on designing pieces which are at once chic and unique and creations which are pieces of artistic fashion. These designs are feminine, flowy and highly flattering to the female form. 

Fine Lace

Many of the gowns have a unique style focused on classic silhouettes, attention to detail and local fashion inspirations. Fine lace or intricate applique appear on many of the dresses, giving each piece a visual texture and truly unique facet, which makes the gowns even more beautiful the closer one gets.

Gorgeous Gowns in an Array of Styles

Cecilia Couture gowns come in an array of colors, spanning demure selections such as dove grey and crystal-encrusted nude, as well as brighter color palettes such as aqua or emerald. Their dresses range in styles:

  • Sweet & Romantic
  • Dramatic & Bold
  • Feminine & Flowery
  • Classic & Ornately Detailed

Whether you’re looking for a gown for a formal event -- such as a wedding, gala or banquet -- or want to find the perfect dress for a cocktail party or prom, there are designs for everyone. So, be dramatic and bold or sweet and romantic. Go with a classic style or a soft, feminine design with flowers. With so many choices, you’re sure to find gowns which match your style.

Shapely Silhouettes

Cecilia Couture dresses also vary widely in silhouette and style. A few of our most beloved silhouettes are A-line and mermaid. A-line silhouettes nip in at the waist, drawing the eye to the smallest part of a woman’s body. As the fabric falls away down to the ground it creates a single column, elongating the frame visually. Mermaid silhouettes add more volume below the knee, with a flare balancing with the wearer’s shoulders. This style of design is also ideal for those with larger chests, as it balances out the upper and lower body.

Find Your Perfect Fit

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