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Designer Evening Dresses

Evening dresses category includes pieces that are fit for formal wear, prom, homecoming to bridesmaid dresses. We have one of the widest collection on the web.

Accessorize your evening look with charming accessories. Pair your gorgeous dress with accessories that will compliment it, never clash. Don’t be afraid to play with diamond earrings, long thin chains and chandelier necklaces. Evening dresses with scoop necklines are perfect for longer necklaces and strapless dresses call for a dramatic earring. Let your dress be the centerpiece and your accessories its dashing accompaniments. Remember, the woman makes the dress and the dress makes the evening.

Create movement in our evening dresses, whether it be with a full skirt, dramatic draping sleeves, soft side slit or layers. One dress doesn’t fit all and that’s why our evening dress selection carries looks to suit different moods.

Whether you’re attending Prom, a formal event or a wedding, we have a large selection of exquisite evening dresses. We want you to get the most out of your evening dress. Wear it over and over again. A dress you wear to a wedding might also be perfect for a charity event or prom. Mix up the accessories and you have a whole new look.

If you’re wearing your evening dress on a night where there’s a chill in the air, don’t fret. You can still look divine in your dress with a little bolero or sheer wrap. Leave your bulky coats in the closet and slip into a light and fashionable shawl that doesn’t compete with the dress’ natural cut or design. If you do opt for a coat, make sure it’s a classic cut with clean lines and neutral color.

Leave your heavy everyday purse at home. Although we’re sure it’s fashionable, it just doesn’t fit the occasion. Trade out your purse for a clutch or evening handbag as it’ll give you just enough room to store all your essentials. Keep the clutch or purse chic and simple so it compliments your evening dress.

Most of all, listen to your body when you choose an evening dress. Be daring, be bold, classy, glamorous but overall, be you.

Evening Dresses

  • Clarisse M6424
    Clarisse M6424

    Incredible embellished evening gown with ballet sleeves by Clarisse M6424
    Available in 3 colors

  • Lara 33535
    Lara 33535

    Luscious Pearl Flutter Evening Dress by Lara 33535
    Color: Silver

  • Terani 1723E4260
    Terani 1723E4260

    Glamorous Portrait Luxury Evening Dress by Terani 1723E4260
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse M6429
    Clarisse M6429

    Bellissima long-sleeved formal with tonal appliqued detail by Clarisse M6429
    Color: Marsala

  • Andrea and Leo A0138
    Andrea and Leo A0138

    Stained-glass gown with long sleeves by Andrea & Leo A0138
    Color: Multi

  • Clarisse M6418
    Clarisse M6418

    Glamorous off-the-shoulder evening gown with plunging neckline by Clarisse M6418
    Color: Gun Metal

  • Jovani 50186
    Jovani 50186

    Off-the-Shoulder Roses Detail Evening Gown by Jovani 50186
    Color: Purple

  • Lara 33498
    Lara 33498

    Caped Crystals Fluttering Evening Dress by Lara 33498
    Color: Navy

  • Andrea and Leo A0393
    Andrea and Leo A0393

    Latticed strapless gown with blossoms by Andrea & Leo A0393
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1723E4263
    Terani 1723E4263

    Brilliant Ruffled Jewel Evening Gown by Terani 1723E4263
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse M6428
    Clarisse M6428

    Stunning surplice-style evening gown with ballet-length sleeves by Clarisse M6428
    Color: Light Silver

  • Lara 33491
    Lara 33491

    Sparkling Jewel Fishtail Evening Gown by Lara 33491
    Color: Slate

  • Andrea and Leo A0471
    Andrea and Leo A0471

    Festive sleeveless formal with flare by Andrea & Leo A0471
    Color: Red

  • Clarisse M6445
    Clarisse M6445

    Heavenly caped evening gown with fluted skirt by Clarisse M6445
    Color: Periwinkle Blue

  • Clarisse M6425
    Clarisse M6425

    Posh long-sleeved evening gown with precision profile by Clarisse M6425
    Color: Smoke/Nude

  • Clarisse M6426
    Clarisse M6426

    Priceless long-sleeved evening gown with fluted skirt by Clarisse M6426
    Color: Gold

  • Jovani 57048
    Jovani 57048

    Belled Luxury Lace Evening Gown by Jovani 57048
    Available in 2 colors

  • Andrea and Leo 5325
    Andrea and Leo 5325

    Posh sleeveless dress with peplum by Andrea & Leo 5325
    Available in 4 colors

  • Faviana 7755
    Faviana 7755

    Wondrous wrapped evening gown with sculpting tucks by Faviana 7755
    Available in 10 colors

  • Terani 1723E4502
    Terani 1723E4502

    Timeless Radiance Cold-Shoulder Evening Dress by Terani 1723E4502
    Available in 3 colors

  • Lara 33493
    Lara 33493

    Twilight Sparkle Notched Evening Gown by Lara 33493
    Color: Navy

  • Johnathan Kayne 8085
    Johnathan Kayne 8085

    Glittering Plunge Sleeved Evening Dress by Johnathan Kayne 8085
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Terani 1723E4271
    Terani 1723E4271

    Twinkling Brocade Lace Evening Gown by Terani 1723E4271
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Clarisse M6440
    Clarisse M6440

    Party-perfect short-sleeved evening gown with decorative crystals by Clarisse M6440
    Color: Teal

  • Terani 1713P2550
    Terani 1713P2550

    Scintillating cutaway gown with train from Terani Prom 1713P2550
    Available in 2 colors

  • MNM Couture M0006
    MNM Couture M0006

    Long-Sleeved V-Neck Jeweled Detail Evening Gown by MNM Couture M0006
    Available in 5 colors

  • Feriani 26145
    Feriani 26145

    Starlit long-sleeved evening gown with gossamer gathers by Feriani 26145
    Available in 6 colors

  • Primavera Couture 1401
    Primavera Couture 1401

    Glimmering floral full-length gown by Primavera Couture 1401
    Available in 7 colors

  • Lara 33202
    Lara 33202

    Sleeveless crystal-clad evening gown with plunging neckline by Lara 33202
    Available in 4 colors

  • Marsoni M165
    Marsoni M165

    Starry Sensation V Neckline Gown by Marsoni M165
    Available in 2 colors

  • MNM Couture M0019
    MNM Couture M0019

    Mature long-sleeve illusion gown from MNM Couture M0019
    Available in 3 colors

  • Colors Dress 1780
    Colors Dress 1780

    Divine Velvet Dream Evening Dress by Colors 1780
    Available in 2 colors

  • Marsoni M151
    Marsoni M151

    Angelic Mermaid Gown by Marsoni M151
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1721M4702
    Terani 1721M4702

    Embroidered Enchantment Fairytale Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4702
    Color: Cream/Champagne

  • Adrianna Papell AP1E200040
    Adrianna Papell AP1E200040

    Dearest Lace Illusion Evening Gown by Adrianna Papell AP1E200040
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1721E4120
    Terani 1721E4120

    Gilded Detail Evening Gown by Terani 1721E4120
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Clarisse M6444
    Clarisse M6444

    Artful ballet-sleeved evening gown with lace bodice by Clarisse M6444
    Color: Navy

  • Terani 1721E4157
    Terani 1721E4157

    Asymmetrical Ruffled Detail Evening Gown by Terani 1721E4157
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 32938
    Lara 32938

    Twinkling Lines Deep V Evening Gown by Lara 32938
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse M6417
    Clarisse M6417

    Lace-layered short-sleeved evening gown with scalloped detail by Clarisse M6417
    Color: Ivory/Nude


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