Terani Evening Gowns

Terani evening dresses are top designer of luxurious, elegant and original evening dresses, prom dresses, formal gowns and Mother of the Bride.

Sourcing only the finest fabrics and dedicating a large portion of their design effort to ensure proper fit as well as quality control. Terani's New York based design team has built a reputation of originality and creativity that is recognized in the Dress industry as above and beyond top rate. Each design is a canvas on which Terani instill their passion for functional feminine luxuriant design. Terani's styles are developed after careful study of the latest trends in the top fashion markets around the world.

What's the story you're looking to tell with your choice of dress at your next special evening event? Are you a bare-shouldered beauty in a beaded gown, or the sultry brunette in gorgeous sateen, staring into the distance. Perhaps the moonlight on the balcony beckons. The haughty ice queen, the laid-back California princess - Terani's Evening Dresses Collection gives you all the choices you could hope for in look and narrative as you search for hints about what your favored appearance might include. Vamps with laced sleeves and well-covered figures vie for attention among the pleasant and comfortable evening gowns. Length looks important in the Terani Evening Dresses Collection, with many of their gowns appearing to be outwardly conservative in their revealing (or lack of revealing) skin below the waist, but a few of the garments feature dramatic slits up the curve of their wearer's legs; this heightens the way each dress is formed to compliment figures and looks.

In addition to the traditional dresses and shapes which begin this collection, numerous works are more stylish, featuring more of a design-related approach to dressing. Some are suitable for less formal occasions, such as the Standing Ovation Formal Modern Evening Suit, which recalls in shape (if not in color) some prominent outfits that have been worn over the year. A similar piece is the Opening Night Formal Modern Evening Suit, which comes in three colors and would make even women who are uncomfortable with dressing up in formal gowns feel like she was dressed comparably at a party. The quality of the garments and the materials that make them are evident throughout the collection.

Dramatic fishtail gowns and more sweeping, relaxed cuts bring a young, classic vibe to the collection. By recalling styles from the 40s and 50s, this designer is making it cool to be young and well-presented. For dramatic dresses that bring out youth and excitement, check out some of the longer gowns on page 2 of our offerings from Terani Evening Dresses Collection, and see what you think of pieces like the Marvelous Roses Strapless Cocktail Dress, with its poofs of fabric which resemble the flowers in the dress's title. For a more "La Dolce Vita" feeling, how about the "When In Rome Spaghetti Strap Evening Gown" - you can imagine yourself running into Trevi Fountain, this marvelous multicolored print dress streaming behind you.

If your style runs more to that being used by some of Hollywood and the music industry's hottest starlets, then you need to think about the "Within Reach Spaghetti Strap Evening Gown" or the "Wave of Love Strapless Evening Gown with Sheer Bolero," which looks like it could have been worn on the Titanic (before it sank, of course). This trend is continued with "Girlish Charm Strapless Cocktail Dress with Belt" and "Tonigh'ts Bash Strapless Cocktail Dress." Both of these, and plenty of others, echo classic and classy looks enjoyed by famous beauties throughout the ages.

Dramatic colors take a front seat on page three of Terani's Evening Dresses Collection, with bolero shrug jackets, powerful silhouettes, and sultry fabrics coming into the mix. Style and texture meet in this section of the Terani Evening Dresses Collection, and the colors which start showing up more and more frequently include some gorgeous deep purples and blues, as well as some terrific patterns and rich magentas. If it's well-appointed cocktail dresses you're after, look at the leopard print and stripes which are available for your selection; they're pretty pieces which should encourage every dress shopper to make her presence known through good choices made in quality fashion pieces.

While many of these pieces feature plunging necklines which may intimidate some who are not comfortable with showing cleavage, the Terani Evening Dresses collection finishes off with some formal evening suits and dresses which feature modest cuts and demure appearances. These evening dresses and suits make it clear that while Terani may be primarily an elegant dressmaker for high-end occasions, more formal work attire may also be possible to find. If you prefer these more restrained designs, Terani Evening Collection dresses give you a terrific option. Terani has a number of fabrics, styles and features which make its collection a coherent and enticing one. The prices for the pieces are reasonable, especially when one considers the time and effort that goes into putting some of the cute details on these dresses.

Here's the best way to pick the best Terani Evening Collection dress for your event or occasion - check out everything available from this designer, who has taken time and careful consideration to formulate a collection which truly offers something for every woman no matter what her age, shape, or preference in style may be. Women of every age, from teens in more modest cocktail dresses to young women in their twenties and thirties, right up to successful mothers and wives as well as businesswomen and other professionals who can be certain of finding something appropriate to their needs and occasions when they shop from the pages of the Terani Evening Collection. Why not pick a couple of these chic, stylist dresses and try them out for different occasions? Our return policy makes this easy, and lets you decide which one looks best for the occasion you have in mind!

Terani Evening

  • Terani 1721M4330
    Terani 1721M4330

    Sleek Sparkles Refined Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4330
    Color: Wine

  • Terani 1721M4325
    Terani 1721M4325

    Decadent Jewel Illusion Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4325
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Terani 1721M4705
    Terani 1721M4705

    Printed Perfection Mermaid Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4705
    Color: Navy/Black

  • Terani 1721M4316
    Terani 1721M4316

    Sparkling Scallops Lace Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4316
    Available in 5 colors

  • Terani 1722M4354
    Terani 1722M4354

    Refined Glimmer Illusion Evening Gown by Terani 1722M4354
    Available in 5 colors

  • Terani 1721M4310
    Terani 1721M4310

    Sleek Lace Draped Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4310
    Color: Rose/Mocha

  • Terani 1721M4336
    Terani 1721M4336

    Diamond Fantasy Hollywood Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4336
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1723M4393
    Terani 1723M4393

    Glittering Lace Flutter Evening Gown by Terani 1723M4393
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Terani 1721M4315
    Terani 1721M4315

    Fur Fantasy Brocade Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4315
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721M4317
    Terani 1721M4317

    Elegant Royal Lace Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4317
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1721M4343
    Terani 1721M4343

    Fashionable Luxury Plunge Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4343
    Color: Champagne

  • Terani 1721M4702
    Terani 1721M4702

    Embroidered Enchantment Fairytale Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4702
    Color: Cream/Champagne

  • Terani 1721M4703
    Terani 1721M4703

    Festive Lace Floral Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4703
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1723M4418
    Terani 1723M4418

    Freshly Caped Floral Evening Dress by Terani 1723M4418
    Color: Silver Multi

  • Terani 1721M4701
    Terani 1721M4701

    Shimmering Split Sparkle Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4701
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1723M4619
    Terani 1723M4619

    Floral Luxury Ruched Evening Gown by Terani 1723M4619
    Color: Silver Multi

  • Terani 1723M4630
    Terani 1723M4630

    Elegant Waves Flowing Evening Dress by Terani 1723M4630
    Color: Taupe

  • Terani 1721M4320
    Terani 1721M4320

    Dazzling Illusion Cascade Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4320
    Color: Light Taupe

  • Terani 1723M4638
    Terani 1723M4638

    Fluttering Hourglass Tonal Evening Gown by Terani 1723M4638
    Color: Burgundy

  • Terani 1722M4356
    Terani 1722M4356

    Mermaid Glamour Ruffled Evening Gown by Terani 1722M4356
    Color: Slate

  • Terani 1723M4620
    Terani 1723M4620

    Wrapped Floral Glimmer Evening Gown by Terani 1723M4620
    Color: Rose/Multi

  • Terani 1721M4346
    Terani 1721M4346

    Tonal Elegance Crisscross Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4346
    Color: Silver/Nude

  • Terani 1721GL4437
    Terani 1721GL4437

    Glam Beaded Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4437
    Color: Silver

  • Terani 1721GL4421
    Terani 1721GL4421

    Embellished and Feathers Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4421
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721GL4434
    Terani 1721GL4434

    Textured and Feathers Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4434
    Color: Silver/Navy

  • Terani 1722GL4472
    Terani 1722GL4472

    Intricate Embellished Tonal Evening Gown by Terani 1722GL4472
    Color: Champagne

  • Terani 1721GL4445
    Terani 1721GL4445

    Off-the-Shoulder Mega Shine Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4445
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1722GL4484
    Terani 1722GL4484

    Fairytale Illusion Mermaid Evening Gown by Terani 1722GL4484
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1722GL4488
    Terani 1722GL4488

    Rosette Beauty Fishtail Evening Gown by Terani 1722GL4488
    Color: Blush

  • Terani 1721GL4430
    Terani 1721GL4430

    Shimmering Beaded and Sheer Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4430
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721GL4451
    Terani 1721GL4451

    Contrast Beaded and Feathers Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4451
    Color: Silver/Nude

  • Terani 1721GL4459
    Terani 1721GL4459

    Serious Shine Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4459
    Color: Crystal Nude

  • Terani 1721GL4498
    Terani 1721GL4498

    Glittering Beaded and Feathers Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4498
    Color: Silver/Nude

  • Terani 1721GL4446
    Terani 1721GL4446

    Textured and Feathers Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4446
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1722GL4485
    Terani 1722GL4485

    Geometric Jewel Cutout Evening Dress by Terani 1722GL4485
    Color: Ivory/Black/Nude

  • Terani 1722E4216
    Terani 1722E4216

    Asymmetrical Flutter Cascade Evening Gown by Terani 1722E4216
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1722E4206
    Terani 1722E4206

    Exquisite Sequined Shimmer Evening Gown by Terani 1722E4206
    Color: Gun Metal

  • Terani 1722E4200
    Terani 1722E4200

    Gathered Plunge Floral Evening Gown by Terani 1722E4200
    Color: Black/Yellow

  • Terani 1722E4208
    Terani 1722E4208

    Dramatic Belled Illusion Evening Gown by Terani 1722E4208
    Color: Black Nude

  • Terani 1722E4193
    Terani 1722E4193

    Illusion Cutout Decadence Evening Dress by Terani 1722E4193
    Color: Dark Teal


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