Terani Homecoming Dresses

Terani Homecoming dresses are designed for those who want to make bold, stylish statements without spending exorbitant sums of money.

Flashy colors, skin-tight fits and snazzy accents take Terani Homecoming's look to a whole new level. When it comes to colors, Terani Homecoming is all abound vivid hues and striking colors. Feminine pastels converge with bold patterns to produce eye-popping yet sophisticated looks. Tuck-sculpting is used on many of this designer's pieces and ensures a flattering fit and a beautiful look. Oversized rosettes pop out of form-fitting frocks to produce a multidimensional style that's sure to make you the star of the night. Flirty, girly touches put a fun spin on some of this designer's most popular styles.

Modern silhouettes reign supreme in the Terani Homecoming lineup. You can take your pick from dozens of stunning sheath minis. Fine ruching perks up these lovely, form-fitting numbers with ease. Babydoll dresses are also hot sellers, and Terani Homecoming is known for producing a stunning assortment of them. Anyone is sure to feel absolutely gorgeous when she is decked out in a soft, frilly babydoll dress. A-line minis and slinky, floor-length sheaths ensure eclectic offerings. The first thing that comes to mind upon looking at a Terani Homecoming dress is "party." These stunningly colored, elegantly accented dresses are sure to put you in a festive mood. Whether you're getting dolled up for a holiday soiree or just want to kick loose with your girlfriends out on the town, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a Terani Homecoming dress to fill the bill. And, of course, there are plenty of chic styles for prom, homecoming and other unforgettable occasions. These dresses are perfect ways to step out in style wherever you go.

If you love to accessorize, you are going to have a blast with your Terani Homecoming dress! Many styles lend themselves well to a wide range of different accessories. If you prefer simple wear-and-go looks, don't worry - there are plenty of options on that end of the spectrum too! Plenty of playful minis and sheaths are festooned with stunning embellishments that allow you to do without accessories altogether. Finding the perfect pair of shoes is also quick, easy and fun thanks to the vibrant style of these lovely dresses.

The minute you slip into your favorite Terani Homecoming dress, you will know that you've made the right choice. Your special night will start off on the right foot when you are decked out in the glitzy style, curve-hugging fit and shimmery elegance of one of these playfully sophisticated little numbers. You can't help but smile and feel like you're walking on air when you are wearing something by Terani Homecoming, and you won't want the night to end. Get the ball rolling on your next important occasion by selecting the Terani Homecoming look that is right for you today!

Terani Homecoming

  • Terani 1721H4517
    Terani 1721H4517

    Intense Flower Detail Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4517
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721H4554
    Terani 1721H4554

    Feathered Flutter Bateau Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4554
    Color: Black/Blush

  • Terani 1722H4588
    Terani 1722H4588

    Dramatic Cropped Tonal Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4588
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1721H4544
    Terani 1721H4544

    Enchanting Illusion Layered Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4544
    Color: Ivory/Nude

  • Terani 1722H4051
    Terani 1722H4051

    Sultry High Neck Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4051
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1721H4684
    Terani 1721H4684

    Lovely Layers Strapless Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4684
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721H4513
    Terani 1721H4513

    Two-Piece Flower Detail Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4513
    Color: Black/Orchid

  • Terani 1721H4526
    Terani 1721H4526

    Glittering Stones Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4526
    Color: Ivory/Nude

  • Terani 1722H4599
    Terani 1722H4599

    Sleek Sweetheart Draped Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4599
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1721H4547
    Terani 1721H4547

    Beaded Enchantress Embellished Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4547
    Color: Mint/Gun Metal

  • Terani 1721H4545
    Terani 1721H4545

    Flirty Sparkles Illusion Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4545
    Color: Ivory/Nude

  • Terani 1722H4587
    Terani 1722H4587

    Notched Illusion Flirty Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4587
    Color: Dusty/Teal

  • Terani 1722H4584
    Terani 1722H4584

    Sparkling Stars Lace Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4584
    Color: Periwinkle/Nude

  • Terani 1721H4537
    Terani 1721H4537

    Burnout Stripe Sweetheart Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4537
    Color: Ivory/Black Multi

  • Terani 1722H4601
    Terani 1722H4601

    Illusion Appliques Cropped Cocktail Dress by Terani 1722H4601
    Color: Champagne

  • Terani 1721H4515
    Terani 1721H4515

    Mega Texture and Shine Cocktail Dress by Terani 1721H4515
    Color: Cream/Gold

  • Terani 1711P2253
    Terani 1711P2253

    Marvelous layered babydoll dress from Terani Prom 1711P2253
    Color: Ivory

  • Terani 1625H1199
    Terani 1625H1199

    Unique Mirror Printed Cocktail Dress by Terani Homecoming 1625H1199
    Color: Ivory Multi

  • Terani 1622H1113
    Terani 1622H1113

    Exceptional Illusion Striped Cocktail Dress by Terani Homecoming 1622H1113
    Color: Black


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