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10 Dress Styles for a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are magical. Fresh greenery, gorgeous florals, and ample sunshine become your wedding’s backdrop. If you’re getting hitched this spring, you naturally have many ideas to look downright stunning on your big day.

But with countless options available out there, it can be a challenge to settle on that one perfect gown. This is why we recommend using bridal styles that are currently trending as a starting point.

From sexy silhouettes to spring ball gowns to sultry separates and more, we unlock ten of the most popular bridal fashion trends to help you find the dress of your dreams. We also quickly walk you through what’s trending in the women’s wedding attire arena and how you can accessorize to mesmerize on your big day!

The Hottest Spring Wedding Dress Styles of the Year

Let’s now explore the ten best spring wedding dress styles:

Lace-y Necklines

Nothing elevates the elegance and romance of a bridal dress like lace necklines. Brides hosting spring weddings love the idea of delicate lace framing their necklines and cascading into intoxicating patterns across the decolletage. From vintage to fairylike to boho – weaving your wedding gown with lace-y neckline and decolletage can make you look absolutely bewitching against a spring wedding backdrop.

Light, Breathable, Romantic Fabrics

The freshness of spring certainly demands fabrics that “flow” with ease. Whether you’re having an artsy beach wedding or you’re saying “I do” in a fairytale-ish garden – go for fabrics that are breathable, light, and have an airy (romantic) feel. Some great options would include tulle, organza, lace, and chiffon.

Drop Waist Silhouettes

These silhouettes typically have their waistlines placed a little lower than conventional styles. The purpose? The design elongates your torso, creating the illusion of a tall, sleek look. Drop waist silhouettes are a great option for brides wanting to look sophisticated, confident, and elegant.

Lots of Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are the “talk of the wedding town” this Spring season and for a good reason. Spring is all about fresh florals and this trend brings its beauty into the gown via 3D patterns. These patterns pair stunningly well with voluminous skirts and elegant sweetheart necklines.

Hues Beyond White and Ivory

Sure, white, off-white, and ivory reign supreme when it comes to gorgeous traditional bridal dresses. But if you’re the kind of bride who likes to bend some rules, we’re happy to reveal that “color” is a popular wedding dress trend today. Some of the best hues to create a unique bridal look include blue ombre, very light pink, rose gold, subtle rainbow, champagne, blush, black, and colorful floral prints.

Unique Sleeve Types

The latest Spring wedding dress trends continue to tap into the power of unique sleeves to take the bridal look to a whole new level. Some of the most magical sleeve design trends include sheer sleeves, puffy sleeves, lace jackets, flutter sleeves, off-the-shoulder sleeves, shimmery spaghetti straps, and dramatic trains.

Glitter and Sparkles

If you’re looking for a spring wedding dress that will literally make you shine bright like a diamond, go straight for sequins, shimmery and gold-hued fabrics, and more sequins. These sparkles will reflect light and give you a dazzling and glamorous look, especially if you decide to host a fancy indoor wedding.

Classic Is King

If you’re not a fan of obsessively tracking the trends, you can safely stick with the classic spring wedding styles. Whereas trends come and go all the time, classic wedding dresses stand the test of time, forever. So, go for gowns with ball gown silhouettes, strapless styles, high necklines, or long lace sleeves!

Mini Dresses and Tea-Length Hemlines

It only makes sense for wedding dresses to get shorter for spring weddings. Whether you’re unfolding your big day at a rustic farmhouse, an elegant golf course, or a quaint winery – tea-length and mini dresses will go perfectly with your Spring wedding décor.

What’s more, shorter dresses are so much easier to handle. You can move around with ease, dance like there’s no tomorrow, and look drop-dead gorgeous all the same.

Suits, Jumpsuits, and Sensual Separates

For laid-back and ultra-stylish brides wanting to infuse innovation into their wedding attire, options like sleek off-white designer suits, comfy and stylish jumpsuits, and separates that scream unique are great options!

What Should Bridesmaids Wear for Your Spring Wedding?

So, how should your bridesmaids dress for your stunning Spring wedding? We have a few suggestions:

  • First things first, the fabric and color of their dresses should complement the overall wedding theme.
  • Going for a pastel color palette is a popular choice. Delicate pastel hues in pink, lavender, beige, and peach evoke a sense of ethereal vibe that blends perfectly with the season.
  • The mismatched dress trend is all the rage for bridesmaid dresses this spring. While your bridesmaids here get to pick dresses that celebrate their own individualities, there must be a unifying factor (fabric, color, or pattern) to create a cohesive look.
  • Fabrics like silk and satin are great choices for bridesmaids' dresses because they bring home a dreamy, romantic vibe
  • If you’re looking for something whimsical, have your besties pick dresses with floral patterns.

Picking the Perfect Accessories

The equation here is simple – if your bridal dress comes with several statement styles such as a sequin work, intricate lace designs, and more, it’s important to let the dress take the spotlight and go with subtler accessories (think simple pearl earrings and minimalistic bracelets).

On the other hand, if you choose a simpler wedding dress, look for a statement jewelry piece that can elevate your overall look. Some other popular accessories include stylish waist belts, lace gloves, shawls, capes, and jackets.

Say “I Do” in Style!

Now that you’ve decoded the Spring bridal style enigma, it’s time to kick off the prep work. Start with taking a trip across our Wedding Dress Collection. Here you’ll find a tasteful selection of styles that are picture-perfect for Spring weddings – from sexy silhouettes to enchanting sleeves, to romantic necklines, and more.

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