7 Benefits of Wearing a Simple Wedding Dress

Simple wedding dresses are powerful in countless ways.

They are concocted from clean fabrics, luxe detailing, and romantic silhouettes. They don’t have to look plain (or boring). Instead, these gowns can be enhanced by strategic placements of subtle shimmer, lace appliques, and enchanting illusion details. For brides who love the idea of minimalism, the allure can be extracted from high-fashion tweaks like unexpected silhouettes, and sophisticated necklines.

Let’s look into what makes simple wedding gowns so special, which wedding venues these gowns are perfect for, and how to accessorize them!

Dress Styles Under “The Simple Wedding Dress” Umbrella 

If you’re wondering which styles denote a simple wedding look, here’s your answer:

Fit and Flare

Fit and flare styles are one of the most popular simple wedding dress styles. They are effortless to walk and dance in and keep you relaxed and comfy throughout your big day. The best part? You can accessorize them in countless ways!

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are often associated with extravagance. But did you know they can be equally simple and elegant? The best minimalistic ball gowns often replace heavy embellishments with clean fabrics and subtle detailing.


Brides oscillating towards simple styles often go with A-line wedding dresses due to their high versatility. A-lines come in a variety of hues, fabrics, and necklines and continue to be a wedding favorite for all seasons. 


Flowy wedding dresses exude feelings of femininity, romance, and elegance. Brides also associate flowy gowns with boho vibes that look so effortless and breezy. Those planning destination weddings especially love the idea of flowy dresses because the fabric is easy to pack and “feels like a feather!”

Sheath Style

Wearing a sheath-style gown with a stunning fit and flow makes a bride look like “a dream walking down the aisle.” The reason brides love this style so much is because of its flawless amount of fit and an equally flawless amount of movement and softness. Sheath styles can also be enhanced with details such as lace, straps, beading, and sleeves.

Perks of Wearing a Simple Wedding Dress 

The advantages of a simple wedding dress go beyond just high affordability. They include:


A simple wedding dress replaces inconvenient extravagance with comfort and effortlessness. It makes standing, walking, and dancing so much easier. Simple cuts and easy fittings of minimal dress styles keep you comfortable throughout the ceremony so you can put the focus on enjoying your wedding with your loved ones.


A wedding gown, on average, costs between $2,500 to $4,000. Not every bride is willing to break the bank for a dress they’ll only wear once in their lifetime. 

Aside from comfort and elegance, simple wedding dresses offer high affordability. But should this stop you from getting a perfect designer dress? Of course not! At New York Dress, you can explore countless affordable options to find the simple wedding dress of your dreams. 

Countless Style Options 

In the simple wedding dress genre, you can access a variety of style choices including A-lines, ball gowns, fit and flare, sheath style, and flowy designs. Most people associate simple wedding dresses with a lack of flair and magnificence. But this is not true! Simple dresses feature great attention to detail, unique detailing, and gorgeous fabrics to make the dress look exquisite.

Subtle and Minimal 

If you’re the bride who wants to just relax and live your wedding day to the fullest without heavy fabrics and embellishments holding you back, a simple wedding dress is perfect for you. Why, you ask? These gowns make you look breathtaking without having to put in months of planning and countless hours in getting ready.

Perfect for Summer Months

Can’t escape the summer sun? Embrace it with a simple wedding gown. Simple dresses are crafted of light, breathable, and soft fabric. There are no heavy layers and embellishments to lock you up in the heat. The result? Instead of sweating the day out, you dance, glow, and have the time of your life.

The Freedom to Choose from Nude, White, and Ivory Hues

From a traditional vantage point, a wedding gown is sculpted in white. But what if you’re a bride who wants to taste a fresh contemporary hue? This is where the color convenience of a simple wedding dress comes in. The simplicity of these dresses leaves plenty of room to accommodate colors like nudes, whites, ivories, and more.

Wedding Venues that Welcome Simple Wedding Dresses 

A simple wedding dress is picture-perfect for a variety of venues. Some of them include:

Beach Weddings

Are you planning a beach wedding? Don’t even think twice before taking the simple wedding dress road! 

The waves crashing in your wedding’s backdrop, the sun about to set in the sky, and the crowd watching you with adoration as you say, “I do” – such a romantic setting doesn’t deserve to be disturbed by a heavily embellished piece. 

What you need is a minimal flowy dress that merges right with the ocean breeze and the music of the waves. 

Destination Weddings 

Heavily embellished dresses require a special storage box to ensure no harm comes to the embellishment threads. This makes them difficult to store, carry, and handle. Instead of having to deal with all that bulk, many brides choose the convenience of simple dresses for their destination weddings. They’re ultra-lightweight, soft, and super easy to pack. 

City Hall Weddings

Brides who choose a City Hall Wedding ceremony often oscillate towards simple wedding dresses. Why? Because these dresses are not only “perfect” for the wedding venue but are also readily available and easily adjustable. 

Backyard Weddings

If you like to keep matters extra simple when it comes to your wedding venue and wedding gown, a simple dress is a perfect choice. A demure backyard wedding or tying the knot in a casual location doesn’t require an over-the-top gown. Instead, a simple and dreamy wedding dress is enough to make the occasion absolutely alluring. 

Accessorizing Your Minimalist Wedding Dress 

Your jewelry plays a critical part in completing your overall wedding attire. Enhance your dress with elegant jewelry to make your bridal attire stand out. Or, make a statement with those gorgeous pearls. To add a dash of drama, go for a pair of oversized earrings and a statement neckpiece.

Go for a hat if you’re a boho babe or enhance your femininity by wearing a floral crown. If you’re looking for a romantic and traditional touch, go for a cathedral veil. Simple dresses are all about comfort so maintain the balance by wearing equally simple shoes. 

A Final Word 

Simple wedding dresses are a symbol of elegance, romance, and timeless grace. Now that you know why a minimalistic dress would be a perfect wedding day attire, it’s time to get to work! Hop onto NYD’s world of simple wedding dresses to find the dress you’ll fall in love with!

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