Choosing Proper Holiday Party Attire

As the year draws to an end, our social calendars get busier and busier. Isn’t that one of the best things about this season? There are work parties, holiday functions, and get-togethers with family and friends to go to. There are simple office parties during the workday and more formal affairs taking place in the evening. The attire that is deemed suitable depends on the level of formality. Here are some tips for choosing proper holiday party attire.

Casual vs. Formal

If your company likes small parties during the day, work-appropriate attire is OK, but that might seem boring to you. If so, choose a sparkling cocktail dress in tune with the season. Keep in mind that unless the company has given specific guidelines, the office dress code remains in effect.    

Evening parties give more freedom when it comes to attire. They’re also a great way to connect with coworkers after work. Still, you need to confirm the dress code before selecting your clothes for the event. You can dress more casually or formally than the code within limits.

Key Considerations: Hemlines and Necklines

Speaking of limits…Typically, knee-length or slightly shorter dresses are acceptable. If you want to wear something a bit shorter, however, exercise caution and do test it sitting down. Revealing attire might make you or your coworkers uncomfortable. Plus, you don’t want to spend the whole party fixing your skirt.

While V-necks and low-cut necklines can be very flattering, they’re not always appropriate for office parties. If in doubt, opt for a higher neckline, a sweetheart neckline, or modest straps. These options will make sure you retain a professional look. A necklace will liven up bland attire with vibrant sparkle.

Avoid sheer fabric, particularly if the gathering is taking place at a brightly lit venue. Bright lights might expose too much.

Trendy Holiday Party Colors

What are the top colors to wear to parties this season? As always, the palette is diverse, but you won’t go wrong with red, white, nude, or metallic colors. It makes sense to don an attention-grabbing red dress for a Christmas party, doesn’t it? You might opt for a figure-hugging bandage dress.

Winter whites are very much in; even though it has been said, one shouldn’t wear this color after Labor Day. We disagree. White is a year-round classic, fresh, and crisp. Add colorful accessories and red pumps for a more interesting look. For winter-inspired appeal, wear a white dress with silver shoes and jewelry. Alternatively, radiate a warm glow with deep neutral-colored boots and a shawl. 

Nude is very hot this season. If everything will sparkle and shine at the party, choose a sand or biscuit-colored dress. These colors work exceptionally well for people with darker skin tones. They also ensure an adaptable, warm, and comforting style.

If you’re going to a flashy evening party, a strapless sequined dress will definitely not be out of place. Holiday colors like gold, silver, red, and green are recommended. If you’re attending a family gathering, wear a vintage coat or drape an elegant shawl over the dress. 

Popular Holiday Party Styles

Strapless and spaghetti strap dresses are perfect for formal parties. Often, holiday parties have a certain theme. The Cinderella theme - ball gown-and-blazer - is popular this season. Delight in an opulent ball gown made of silk or satin paired with an elegant blazer or cardigan. You can also try layers with a floor-length ball or column gown. Admittedly, cocktail dresses aren’t the best choice in cool weather. If you combine a floor-length dress with a light jacket, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Turtlenecks are fashion staples. You must own at least one! For parties this season, pair a gown with a long, flowing skirt with a knitted turtleneck. You’ll be stunning if you accessorize right. What's more, you’re guaranteed to stay warm.

Don’t Forget the LBD or LWD

The little black or little white dress will save you this season if you aren’t sure what to wear to a cocktail party. Pair it with a long jacket or cardigan to keep warm and use gold or silver jewelry to create a signature look. A clutch, statement necklace, or belt will make you stand out. For an added edge, you could pair the dress with combat boots – it does work for some events! If you have a strapless dress, add a cashmere sweater or vest to stay festive and warm.  

Final Tips

If you dress smart, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. Whatever attire you choose, you should feel comfortable. Choose your clothes wisely if you’ll be making the rounds or dancing a lot. If you sweat fast, avoid fabrics like silk and satin. Make sure zippers will stay zipped, and buttons will stay buttoned.

Can’t decide whether to go casual or formal? You’re safer with the latter. At any rate, don’t go more casual than you would on a regular workday. Unless you’ve been invited to a beach or pool party, shorts and sandals are a no-no.  

Many people see holiday parties as an opportunity to go casual. Make sure you’re aware of the party dress code if there is one. Ideally, you should look elegant while also finding ways to have fun and express your personality. For example, the right accessories can really improve a look. You’d be surprised at how far a beautiful necklace or belt can take you. Ultimately, feeling good is most important - within certain limits. Take care to ensure the attire you choose makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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