Choosing the Perfect Dress for Your Hot Valentine’s Day Date

What dress should I wear on Valentine’s Day?

  1. A surprise invite from a secret admirer: LBD or LWD
  2. Casual or day date: flared knee-length dress
  3. Fancy date: long gown or midi dress in black or red
  4. Hot date: draped or low-cut dress with high slit 
  5. First date: Two-piece dress

A hot, sultry dress is a classic on Valentine’s Day, but it’s always best to take the type of date into account: first date, casual date, a date on the town, or a fancy restaurant date. The fit and neckline are a critical aspect to take into account. The right fit should flatter your curves and make you feel energized and confident.

Don’t stress out about choosing the perfect dress. We have a host of creative ideas for you, as always. Here are the options depending on your expectations.

How to Make a Lasting Impression on a First Date

We’ve always known first impressions matter. On a first date, opt for a snug fit without showing too much skin. A two-piece dress will show your sensual side. A strapless piece will highlight your curves, while flared dresses are playful and fun.

When You Get a Surprise Invite  

Unexpected Valentine’s Day invite from someone you had no idea had a crush on you? You can’t go wrong with classics like the little black or little white dress on a date with your (now not so secret) admirer. These dresses are easy to style, making them indispensable when you’re strapped for time.

They are versatile enough for casual and formal occasions, so they will work even if the venue is a surprise. To add sex appeal, opt for a V-neck or strapless style. Belted dresses are in this year. They’re a great way to play up feminine curves.

Out and About

If you’re planning a night on the town, comfort is key. Opt for a loose, airy style because you might be walking and dancing more than you expect. On that note, leave the stilettos at home. Go for flats or block heels instead.

Casual or Day Date

A casual date is when you two are not officially an item. There are plenty of such occasions and they can be the hardest to dress for. If you’re undecided about the relationship, keep it fun and friendly. A flared knee-length dress is casual and flirty. This style has the added benefit of being highly versatile, so you will feel comfortable doing whatever your date has planned, from bowling to dinner and a movie. The latter is a classic V-Day date. It wouldn’t be out of place to pair a figure-hugging number with your favorite piece of jewelry for a timeless, perfectly balanced look.   

A Fancy Date

You might be surprised to learn the secret to dressing for a fancy date: simplicity. Red and black are always a good fit for a fancy Valentine’s Day date. They make you look elegant, but not overdressed. Pair a long or midi dress with stiletto heels, statement jewelry, and a simple clutch. Add a V-neck or strapless neckline for extra appeal. A satin or silk dress with embellishments like sequins or rhinestones will make your look unique.

Sizzling Valentine’s Date

Less is more on hot dates. They are as good an occasion to express your desires without uttering a word as any! A draped or low-cut dress with a thigh-high slit will paint a very clear picture of where the night is going. Teased hair or loose, romantic, sultry waves and stiletto heels are the perfect accessories.

The Best Colors for a Valentine’s Day Date

Your choice of color or print should mainly depend on your mood. Black is a classic which doesn’t need much added for a sexy twist. It is also flattering as it streamlines the body naturally.

A Wild Print for the Tigress Inside  

In case that seems boring and your love has a primal feel to it, a textured or printed dress may be a better bet. The biggest advantage of prints and textures is that you can let the dress talk and go easy on the hair, accessories, and shoes.

Foil-like bandage textures or animal prints say free and adventurous like nothing else. It’s no accident that so many celebs and influencers swear by leopard and tiger prints. They are hot and trendy throughout the year.

Sweet and Sexy Florals

Feeling soft and feminine? In that case, florals are the way to go. Floral prints give a flirty, fun look that will work on almost every type of date. We mentioned midi dresses as a good day date option earlier. A floral knee-length dress is definitely the way to go for a sweet lunch date or just chilling out at home in the evening. Blooms are tasteful, sweet, and wondrously feminine.

After all those sweet V-Day treats, you might be feeling a bit bloated or otherwise out of sorts. A floral pattern will fix your mood and mitigate all your insecurities.

Lively Splashes of Color

If you tend to stick to brown, white, grey, blue, or black, this V-Day might just be THE occasion to break the mold. It is the stage to share all the colors of the rainbow. Opt for electric blue to offer a glimpse into your beautiful mind if you’re in the mood for intellectual talks.

Nothing exudes charm and confidence like a metallic color. Gold, silver, and bronze were all the rage last fall. This trend is expected to last well into spring.

Wear orange to express empathy and warmth or pink to let love in. Turquoise will make you seem accessible and inviting.

The Classic is Never Wrong 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with red on Valentine’s Day. It is the color of passion, love, and a range of other emotions that make your heart race. Red incites action, captivates the mind, and provokes energy. Most men find it irresistible. While you won’t go wrong with a strapless cocktail dress in any shade of red, the hottest ones this season are merlot, burgundy, and crimson.

It’s never too early to start planning your Valentine’s Day outfit, but now you know what to wear even if you get a surprise or last-minute invite. We wish you a wonderful date in the dress of your dreams!   

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