Choosing the Right Dress Silhouette for Your Shape

Obviously women are not fruit, but we use a few fruit terms to help describe a woman’s shape. Regardless of the name, these four categories are helpful for explaining how to choose the right dress silhouettes for body shape. To decide which one your shape falls into, measure your shoulders, waist and hips. Below is information for apple/inverted triangle, pear/triangle, hourglass/curvy and athletic/rectangle. Using our tips below, learn how to dress your body and find a dress that will complement your silhouette beautifully.

Apple / Inverted Triangle

An apple or inverted triangle shape means that you have broad shoulders, slim hips and usually shapely legs. The usual goal of those with an apple body shape is to balance out their visually shoulder-heavy top. Consider choosing a dress with a ball gown, mermaid or flute bottom to balance the top. A-line silhouettes, V-neck and sweetheart necklines look amazing on Apple frames. As for dresses, strapless, maxi and low-neckline dresses are great for Apple silhouettes.

Pear / Triangle

Pear or triangle type body shapes have their widest part at their hips. People with this body type often work to balance the figure by wearing fit and flare or A-line dresses, anything which nips in at the waist and flares out over the hips. Pear shapes also look great in plunging V-necks, bell sleeves, cowl necks and scoop necks. These necklines help define your narrow shoulders and draw attention to your tiny waist. As for dresses, embellished necklines, open backs, big sleeves, belted styles are all great for showing off the slender part of your upper body. Any hemline that hits right below your knees will help to elongate your frame and make your silhouette appear slenderer.

Hourglass / Curvy

Those with hourglass or curvy body shapes have curves wider than their waist above (shoulders) and below (hips). Most with an hourglass shape want to accentuate their curves in the best way possible, getting that smooth figure-8 silhouette. To do so, wrap dresses and bodycons work wonderfully. Other dresses that work well are fit and flare, which naturally plays to your best features. Fitted tops will highlight your small waist and curvier neckline. V-neck, round neck, boat neck and wrap tops are all great.

Athletic / Rectangle

An athletic or rectangle shaped body has a similar width throughout the body from shoulder to waist to hip. The main goal of athletic frames is usually to create curves, or at least the illusion of curves. On top, V-necks and off-the-shoulder necklines help create the illusion of curves, flattering your overall silhouette. Draw attention to your arms, shoulders and waist by wearing halter, racerback, scoop, round and strapless neckline styles. Jumpsuits with open shoulders look particularly amazing on athletic frames.

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