Miss Medina Spring 2018 Look Book

Miss Medina Cover
Introducing the NYD Spring 2018 Look book.  I'm always inspired by glamorous decades, and for this look book I chose the 70's. I wanted to create a super luxurious background with tons of textures and pops of color. The idea was a stylish Moroccan adventure, a-la Casablanca. For the dresses I wanted to focus on texture and color, so they would stand out from the background in their own right. The lighting we chose was moody, to give the images a more luxurious appeal. I hope you love this look book, it was a blast to make. And a special thanks to photographer Angelo D'Agostino and the team at Splashlight Studios for doing all the heavy lifting to make this possible. Click on the image above to shop the look book or CLICK HERE! Here's looking at you, kid!  

Fashionably Yours,

Jonah Levine
Creative Director

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