The New Length

Ok ok, so tea length dresses have always been around so we're not making history here, but recently they are now becoming one of the new hottest trends. So when the new fall collection from Tarik Ediz launched last week these caught my attention immediately.  I just couldn't believe how hot and sexy these dresses were, so I was compelled to share them with you. They look like the kind of styles that can get you onto the instagram explore page, and I'm not mad at that. I'm super down for insta fame and getting those likes flowing. He will definitely not leave you on read if you are rocking one of these bad boys! So here are my top 5 from the new collection, plus one amazing cocktail dress because I couldn't help myself!
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Hi, I like your fashion address and I hope so if you have sale send mail or masg for me pleas. Thinks noura

Noura June 08, 2018

These are so lovely I want to model and review them all

Holly Steele January 01, 2018

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