Best Summer Dresses

Summertime is a period of carefree spirit and relaxation, which of course means one needs easy, trendy, and enjoyable attire to go with one's lifestyle. Our assortment of summer silhouettes and design makes one's Summer wardrobe just a click away with a great looking piece at fantastic prices. We have searched the New York marketplace for the hottest looks that can only be found with our connections and contacts in the fashion industry. Enjoy shopping and have a great Summer!
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The weather is heating up, and so is the style! A quick survey of this summer's dresses leads us to bold prints, tight but breezy cuts, and classic style. In summer weather, almost anything goes, so this is the time to take advantage of freedom in design by expressing your inner suntanned beach goddess. Summer dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone from the slimmest to the more substantial woman can expect to find a flattering style among the pieces available for the summer's collection.

Hems and Trends: A Cut Above the Rest

As the temperature rises, so do hems, while necklines get lower and more risqué. Arms are in, and well-toned muscles do credit to their owners by showing off a body that looks great both in and out of tasteful fabric prints. Sheer silhouettes and flouncy, bright looks bring you the best of what's hot while giving the more daring consumer the chance to test the waters.

While summer means "bikini" to some, others find long, flowing dresses and tasteful hems that fall just above the knee to be the most flattering look for their body type. Cool takes on a whole new meaning as you strive to look effortless and breezy even though the heat may rise above 100F, because summer dresses stand for liberation and comfortable style more than anything else. Now is the time to be a little more adventurous in the hems and cuts of your dresses. Especially in warmer climates, it's OK to show a little more skin, and once you're really rocking a tan you can be confident in strapless summer dresses and flouncy high-hemmed frocks.

Summer dresses come in a variety of lengths, and you should think about how often you're likely to need a dress before you make your purchase. Are you looking for a one-off investment dress for your best friend's wedding under the stars? How about longer, gown-style dresses made from light, airy material that will help you keep cool even while you're looking hot? If you need a day to day dress for work, consider something with a little more length in the skirt and a more modest neckline. Party and evening summer dresses can have skirts cut as high as you're comfortable wearing, with necklines that plunge and dare your admirers to take a closer look.

Backless dresses are also great for summer since they let you show off your tan and keep cool at the same time! If you go this route, even tanning that prevents lines is a key - that's right ladies, it's time to lie down on your favorite beach chair with a good book and get an even tan across your back. Make sure to use sunscreen to prevent burning - splotchy red marks are hardly flattering, and neither is skin cancer.

When it Comes to Color, Be Bold

Look for the best in the eighties styles that are experiencing a resurgence today; flashy patterns and form-fitting fabrics can turn even the simplest cut into something daring and worthwhile. By experimenting with patterns and prints, you can find a dress that first your mood as well as your body type, and by keeping flattering colors in mind (remember, many people look a little different once they've been kissed by the sun) you can create a show-stopping look and turn up for a relaxing afternoon on the shore or ready for a party.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Great shoes are a must this summer, but make sure you think about where you're going before you strap on those three-inch spike heels. They may look great, but if you're headed for a party on the beach you don't want to kill your sophisticated vibe by sinking up to your ankles in the sand! Looking your best goes hand in hand (and foot in foot) with footwear that is functional and comfortable, and accessories that fit this kind of appearance are sure to cause a stir on the beach.

For evening footwear, keep comfort in mind alongside style, and go for a shoe that turns heads without breaking ankles. Take to heart whether you have the practice required to walk in heels before you commit to something higher than you can carry off. A flat can be just as elegant as a heel in the right situations.

If your ideal dress has a busy pattern, simplicity is key in accessorizing, while a solid color dress or demure print can handle a makeup, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that will really make your appearance pop. Don't overdo it on accessories, however, and remember Coco Chanel's advice on editing your look - it's never a bad idea to take one accessory off before you leave the house.</p>

Tips for Picking the Perfect Summer Dress

Try out a lot of styles before you commit to one dress. Remember that unlike dresses meant for one specific occasion, a summer dress can last you several months or, if you pick a classic style, even years! This means you don't have to limit yourself to just one dress, either - pick two or three!

Above all, make sure your summer dress fits your occasion and personality and gives you the chance to experiment with new looks. Put on your dress, relax, and enjoy the warm weather before fall makes these hot trends a distant memory!