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Masks and other face coverings are quickly becoming everyone’s must-have accessory in this strange post-COVID world. In many places, masks are a legal requirement if you want to enter grocery stores, restaurants, and other public spaces. As a result, more and more people are looking to their favorite retailers for face coverings that don’t sacrifice on style.

Of course, your standard face mask might be fine for regular trips to the grocery store. But what about those events where you REALLY want to look your best? It’s safe to say that safety precautions like masks will be the norm for quite a while – and that means you may need a designer face mask for your next work event, date night, or even a friend’s wedding.

When to Wear a Designer Face Mask

The United States is slowly but surely reopening, and life is starting to settle into a new kind of normal. Some kids are back in school. Some couples are hosting previously cancelled weddings. And no matter where you go, people are encouraged to put on a face mask and protect their fellow patrons.

Designer face masks are a great way to both protect yourself and your loved ones while still looking your best. Our Andrea and Leo masks are specially designed to be the ultimate in safety, comfort, and style. The adjustable ear straps allow you to get the most comfortable and secure fit. The satin inner lining adds an air of luxury, while the filter layer provides extra protection. And best of all, the gorgeous beading across the front make you look (and feel) like a queen!

These masks are ideal for any occasion. If you’re attending a wedding or gala, they’re the perfect accessory. If you’re getting married, a white mask will be the perfect bridal face covering! You can even wear them for everyday outings when you want to feel a little more luxurious.

The Importance of Filters

One of the greatest benefits the Andrea and Leo masks offer wearers is the ability to add an inset filter. This filter helps trap small particles in the air (including particles that might cause the coronavirus), which helps keep you and the people around you safe. A filtered mask gives you additional peace of mind, so you can enjoy yourself the next time you’re around friends or family.

Get Your Mask from NYD

Whether you’re shopping for a bridal face mask for your big day or a designer face mask for your next evening out, New York Dress is the perfect place to shop for all your designer apparel. In addition to our selection of couture face masks, we have a wide selection of beautiful designer gowns you can wear to prom, a wedding, a charity fundraiser, or any other special event.

Check out our newest arrivals today to see the latest and greatest fashions, and feel free to contact our team with any questions. Just don’t forget to order a beautiful designer face mask before you go – you can even get one free when you purchase a gown from Andrea and Leo!

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