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Designer Cruise Dresses

If you’re going on your first cruise, figuring out what to wear for the formal events can feel like a daunting task. There’s the Captain's dinner, dinner in the main dining room, and other snazzy cruise events you want to stand out for.  

To avoid sticking out among the crowd, it’s important that you find the right cruise formal wear to bring with you on your exciting vacation. Understanding the different cruise events and the cruise line’s dress code is key before stocking up on garments.

Nevertheless, participating in formal events on cruise ships is fun! For most people, it allows them to dress up and wear designer cruise dresses they wouldn’t typically wear.

Formal Cruise Event Attire

Before you buy clothes to wear, it’s best to look at the dress code your particular cruise line has set. Cruise ships have hundreds of events happening every night and certain events may have different codes than others. Some dress codes can be “resort casual,” “smart casual,” or “formal” for certain events or daytime wear.

Typically, there are one or two dinners aboard the ship that require formal wear, mainly dinners. Depending on how long your cruise is, there will be somewhere between one and three dinner nights where formal wear is the dress code. Other events that may require you to dress up formally could be the casino or shows.

When a cruise line has a “formal” dress code requirement, it typically means men wear suits or tuxedos and women wear gala dresses and evening gowns.

Styles To Bring On a Cruise

Cruise lines and luxury cruise lines are your place to make a statement with the type of designer cruise gowns and styles you bring along with you. Staying on top of the trends is another factor to consider when finding the right cruise ship dresses.


For spring or summer colors, the trending tones seem to be pastel colors, specifically soft pink and blue tones. Colors to stay away from onboard a cruise ship are brown or warm tones relating to this color. Black, however, is an exception.

Navy, white, and lighter colors are the perfect tones to choose for your nautical voyage. When it comes to patterns and styles, off-the-shoulder dresses, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and sequins can add beauty to your sophisticated look.

Why Buy From NYD?

NewYorkDress is a company that keeps up with the trending fashion for any kind of sophisticated, formal event. We feature exclusive designers that offer the best formal and gala dresses to bring as your formal cruise dinner dresses. Our selection of styles is perfect for cruise formal wear, and we love to make sure our customers look fabulous and elegant wherever they go. We like to make our dresses affordable for every woman who’s going to steal the show in the selection of their choice. Get ready for your voyage by shopping from our designer cruise gowns today!

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