Dulce Celia Dresses

Dulce Celia is a premier dress design house based in Paris. The newest collection features evening gown and formal event wear for every woman. Dulce Celia designs are ethereal, romantic and usually in a blush tone. They specialize in distinctive embroidery, timeless colors and impeccably crafted bespoke designs.

Dulce Celia aims to create the best one-of-a-kind gowns with the highest quality fabrics available. They take into account global trends in color, pattern, and cut whenever they come up with a new design. After all, being able to connect to target audiences around the world is often necessary for a global acknowledgment then growth.

Meticulous Creation

As mentioned, each one of Dulce Celia’s gowns is bespoke, with meticulous attention paid to all decorative embellishments which artisans craft carefully.  As Dulce Celia notes on their website, the brand is “an embodiment of an idea of this unearthly woman, whose aura is sweeter than nectar… [an] illusory maiden.” As each dress is sewn, small details are added that adds to the sweet, unearthly woman concept.

One such detail which goes a long way in adding to the ethereal mystique of the dresses is the intricate, subtle beadwork that has been done. While some dresses shout with all their sparkles, these dresses are more demure, gently gleaming instead.

Smokey Pastels

Dulce Celia dresses come in the prettiest smokey pastels imaginable: dusky rose, dove grey, palest blue, nude and pale lilac. Such colors add to the ethereal feel that is key to the Dulce Celia brand.

Another brilliant thing about this color palette is that because it is muted with a smokey greyness, it remains mostly a neutral and flattering palette for most skin types. Neither the predominant color (cool to warm) nor the grey undertone (cool) are strong enough to win out over the other, so pieces are able to match and complement skin tone by remaining somewhat neutral.

Ethereal and Dreamy

To achieve that maidenly goal, many Dulce Celia dresses skim the body, rather than outright clinging to it. Other designs which feature in the unearthly maiden look are overskirts, floral detailing and sheer or gauze fabrics. Think about Guinevere, her body-skimming green dress, flowers often depicted in her hair and gauzy fabrics around her shoulders or over her hair. A crucial element to remember about depictions from Guinevere’s time was that many stories also depicted her actions almost as dreams, as if she was inhabiting ethereal spaces beyond normal ken. Dulce Celia also establishes a dream-like environment, but, instead, one made of high-end dresses waiting to be worn.

Some other things to consider when buying a high-end gown are the silhouettes that you should use to narrow down your search. A-line dresses are the most flattering for the majority of body types because they come in at the waist, creating an illusion of an hourglass shape whether or not you really have one. Trumpet and mermaid bottoms are designed to balance out broader shoulders or bigger chests. Sheaths dresses are excellent for making someone appear taller, drawing their vertical line straight up.

Find “The One”

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