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Elizabeth K GL2894 Rose GoldElizabeth K GL2894 Champagne
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2894 Dress

$73.00 $113.00
Elizabeth K GL2810 NavyElizabeth K GL2810 Burgundy
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2810 Dress

$123.00 $182.00
Elizabeth K GS1052 LilacElizabeth K GS1052 Coral
On sale

Elizabeth K GS1052 Dress

$73.00 $99.00
Elizabeth K GS1108 OrangeElizabeth K GS1108 Orange
On sale

Elizabeth K GS1108 Dress

$40.00 $67.00
Elizabeth K GS1080 Dark RoseElizabeth K GS1080 Blue
On sale

Elizabeth K GS1080 Dress

$38.00 $44.00
Elizabeth K GL1149 Off WhiteElizabeth K GL1149 Fuchsia
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1149 Dress

$73.00 $113.00
Elizabeth K GL2149 NudeElizabeth K GL2149 Black
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2149 Dress

$109.00 $182.00
Elizabeth K GL1403 Ivory/NudeElizabeth K GL1403 Ivory/Nude
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1403 Dress

$164.00 $274.00
Elizabeth K GL1358 Royal BlueElizabeth K GL1358 Black
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1358 Dress

$109.00 $182.00
Elizabeth K GL2305 TiffanyElizabeth K GL2305 Blush
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2305 Dress

$95.00 $159.00
Elizabeth K GL2274 RedElizabeth K GL2274 Green
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2274 Dress

$137.00 $228.00
Elizabeth K GL1596 NavyElizabeth K GL1596 Champagne
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1596 Dress

$192.00 $320.00
Elizabeth K GL1539 Ivory/ChampagneElizabeth K GL1539 Blush
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1539 Dress

$223.00 $343.00
Elizabeth K GL1522 MauveElizabeth K GL1522 Lilac
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1522 Dress

$54.00 $90.00
Elizabeth K GL2690 NavyElizabeth K GL2690 Mauve
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2690 Dress

$98.00 $159.00
Elizabeth K GL2613 MauveElizabeth K GL2613 Mauve
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2613 Dress

$95.00 $159.00
Elizabeth K GL2609 SageElizabeth K GL2609 Mauve
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2609 Dress

$98.00 $113.00
Elizabeth K GL2501 Rose GoldElizabeth K GL2501 Navy
On sale

Elizabeth K GL2501 Dress

$123.00 $205.00
Elizabeth K GL1994 LilacElizabeth K GL1994 Emerald Green
On sale

Elizabeth K GL1994 Dress

$73.00 $113.00

Elizabeth K Designer Dresses

Prom is a very special night for high school students across the country. It’s a night to dress up, get together with your friends (or your sweetheart) and simply celebrate being young! And as every prom-goer knows, the key to an amazing prom is finding that perfect dress. 

Do you want something fun and flirty? Something elegant and glamorous? Something with lots of sparkle to catch your crush’s eye? Whatever your specific style may be, your prom dress should be beautiful – and when you wear an Elizabeth K dress, beauty is exactly what you get. 

Elizabeth K Dresses

Elizabeth K is an American brand that specializes in designer dresses for prom, sweet 16, and any other formal event. Their gowns are designed with young girls in mind: bold colors, fashionable styles, and plenty of glitter to light up the night.  

We offer several Elizabeth K dress designs in our store, with styles to suit every girl’s personal taste. If you want a fun, youthful look, we have mini dresses with frilly skirts and plenty of sparkle. If you’d rather a classically glamorous dress, we also have long gowns with elegant, flowing skirts. 

Elizabeth K Gowns for Any Event

Our Elizabeth K dresses are ideal for any young lady looking for a gorgeous prom look. However, that is hardly the only occasion where you can wear these stunning gowns! The short dresses are cute and flirty, not to mention great for dancing – which makes them perfect for a Sweet 16 birthday party.

Getting ready for a local pageant? Elizabeth K gowns are a great choice for future Miss America’s evening wear. Our long dresses feature a variety of flattering cuts, so you’ll always find something that suits your shape and makes you look fabulous. And the sparkles on these gowns are sure to reflect the stage lights!

There are so many Elizabeth K dress styles, and they’re all incredibly beautiful. The trick is to find the right look for you: think about the occasion (is it formal?), the look you’re going for (Elegant? Playful?), and your body type. For example, petite girls – especially girls under 5’4” – can appear taller if they rock a short dress, while girls with apple-shaped bodies can flatter their figures with an empire waist or a-line gown with an embellished upper bodice.

Find Elizabeth K at NewYorkDress

No matter what kind of gown you need for prom, a sweet 16 party, a beauty pageant, or any other formal occasion, NewYorkDress will have just the thing for you. Our store is packed with Elizabeth K and other designer dresses that will make you feel beautiful from the moment you put them on. 

And great gowns aren’t the only thing you’ll find at NYD: we also have a team of stylists here to help you find the perfect look over phone, email, or live chat! With our help (and with a truly beautiful gown), you’ll be able to turn heads at your next formal event.

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