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Gigi Dresses

A category of La Femme Design this glamorous label can be seen on red carpet events such as The Academy Awards to the Emmys. Gigi dresses known for their use of color and focusing on prom looks one will appear as if they stepped out of a magazine in a dress by GiGi.

GiGi Dresses by La Femme

GiGi dresses offer red carpet looks seen at events like The Academy Awards and the Emmys. Their looks can be both frilly and focused, depending on the dress you choose and the event you'll be wearing it to.

GiGi dresses feature sassy, shimmery dresses that cascade down their wearer's bodies and emphasize all your best points. With waist-flattering bands of color and rhinestones scattered delicately across halter-neck tops, GiGi's selection of colors and styles refine the vision of La Femme even further, offering variations on the brand's popular styles which are both youthful and sublime.

Check out the floor-length dresses, equally as stunning as some of the label's shorter pieces, and see if your ideal prom, homecoming, or special occasion dress calls out to you from the page! Bare shoulders are all the rage at GiGi, whether the dresses have strapless, spaghetti-strapped, halter-necked, or one-shoulder designs. Skirts range from sheaths that cling to your body to wider lines and flowing fabrics. GiGi also offers a couple of shorter dresses, which put the emphasis on youthful, well-toned legs and a great pair of dancing shoes!

Youthful Colors and Patterns

With GiGi dresses, colors are bright and youthful, with patterns taking a whimsical cue from wild animals and traditional patterns. The dresses come in blues, reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, golds and more, with a number of shades available in several of the colors. While some of GiGi's dresses might be a bit on the long side to take them out to paint the town red, they make excellent party gowns and are the perfect piece for more formal occasions. They are sexy but subtle, and can be worn to balls, gala events, fundraisers, and even a high school prom. What makes GiGi dresses from La Femme remarkable is how they're able to adapt so well to new situations - you'll be able to wear your GiGi dress again and again, gathering compliments on your great look (and excellent tastes) all the way!

GiGi specializes in beautiful but simple dresses, and while several feature bold prints or patterns, the majority of dresses are solid blocks of color. This paves the way for the accessories junkie to dress up her look even further, making it her own with designer clutches, shoulder bags, earrings, necklaces, and shoes. What kind of shoes do we recommend? Anything that matches, preferably with a heel, that you can still dance in! Earrings might take a cue from the detail work on many GiGi dresses and feature rhinestones and other jewels, or for some of the more bohemian looks available from GiGi, you can pair colored feathers and other boho styles with your GiGi dress. Any way you wear it, GiGi lets you express yourself through your other accessories!

As mentioned above, GiGi dresses feature details like fine stitching and bejeweled straps, as well as delicate beads sewn along hems to emphasize your features. Fabrics like silk and chiffon are mainstays of the collection, and are used for patterns you might not expect - leopard-print silk, anyone? Sizes in GiGi dresses start at 00 and work their way up from there - these are dresses that emphasize a slim waist and well-maintained body. It's not every woman who can pull off GiGi's dresses, although every woman is certain to want to try. When looking for your perfect dress from GiGi, take care to pick a dress that flatters your body type and compliments your hair and skin tone (an easy thing to do given that many dresses come in multiple colors). Use our size chart to decide which dress size will be best for you, so you can be assured that your dress will fit as soon as it's delivered to you!

Dresses For Any Event Any Time of Year

GiGi dresses are long-term pieces which can be added to your wardrobe for year-in, year-out use. They're charming and iconic, but spiced up with flair that shows a youthful innocence and desire to get out there, to see and be seen. GiGi dresses make for an enticing fashion statement at any event, and will continue to do so over the years, so long as you don't pack on any pounds! Both GiGi and La Femme are some of the most feminine pieces we list on, so looking at these collections with a view toward future occasions is always a good idea. The pieces will serve any wardrobe, and by matching and changing accessories you can build many outfits around one GiGi dress. Take some time to look around GiGi's section of, and see which dresses fit your style and upcoming occasion best. But be quick about it - with styles like these, we can't promise how long GiGi dresses will be in stock!