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JVN JVN08489 CoralJVN JVN08489 Coral
On sale

JVN JVN08489 Dress

$215.00 $504.00
JVN JVN08640 LimeJVN JVN08640 Lime
On sale

JVN JVN08640 Dress

$135.00 $326.00
JVN JVN09027 LimeJVN JVN09027 Lime
On sale

JVN JVN09027 Dress

$108.00 $334.00
JVN JVN23346 Neon GreenJVN JVN23346 Neon Green
On sale

JVN JVN23346 Dress

$161.00 $483.00
JVN JVN24215 Off WhiteJVN JVN24215 Off White
On sale

JVN JVN24215 Dress

$135.00 $410.00
JVN JVN07648 IvoryJVN JVN07648 Ivory
On sale

JVN JVN07648 Dress

$242.00 $355.00
JVN JVN23114 GreyJVN JVN23114 Grey

JVN JVN23114 Dress

From $418.00
JVN JVN23786 BlackJVN JVN23786 Black
On sale

JVN JVN23786 Dress

$108.00 $410.00
JVN JVN08603 BlackJVN JVN08603 Black

JVN JVN08603 Dress

From $525.00
JVN JVN23569 EmeraldJVN JVN23569 Emerald
On sale

JVN JVN23569 Dress

$108.00 $420.00
JVN JVN23121 EmeraldJVN JVN23121 Emerald

JVN JVN23121 Dress

From $376.00
JVN JVN22312 EmeraldJVN JVN22312 Emerald
On sale

JVN JVN22312 Dress

$135.00 $376.00
JVN JVN09840 EmeraldJVN JVN09840 Emerald
On sale

JVN JVN09840 Dress

$81.00 $397.00
JVN JVN07800 EmeraldJVN JVN07800 Emerald

JVN JVN07800 Dress

From $525.00
JVN JVN08641 GreenJVN JVN08641 Green
On sale

JVN JVN08641 Dress

$135.00 $355.00
JVN JVN09635 EmeraldJVN JVN09635 Emerald
On sale

JVN JVN09635 Dress

$108.00 $355.00
JVN JVN06201 RoyalJVN JVN06201 Royal
On sale

JVN JVN06201 Dress

$188.00 $473.00
JVN JVN22338 EmeraldJVN JVN22338 Emerald

JVN JVN22338 Dress

From $355.00
JVN JVN23357 PeriwinkleJVN JVN23357 Periwinkle
On sale

JVN JVN23357 Dress

$108.00 $397.00
JVN JVN23253 Light BlueJVN JVN23253 Light Blue
On sale

JVN JVN23253 Dress

$188.00 $397.00
JVN JVN23119 MintJVN JVN23119 Mint

JVN JVN23119 Dress

From $397.00
JVN JVN22577 OrangeJVN JVN22577 Orange

JVN JVN22577 Dress

From $504.00
JVN JVN22529 PeacockJVN JVN22529 Orange
On sale

JVN JVN22529 Dress

$108.00 $462.00
JVN JVN22525 OrangeJVN JVN22525 Fuchsia
On sale

JVN JVN22525 Dress

$108.00 $355.00
JVN JVN22516 LavenderJVN JVN22516 Lavender
On sale

JVN JVN22516 Dress

$108.00 $397.00
JVN JVN22515 Light BlueJVN JVN22515 Light Blue
On sale

JVN JVN22515 Dress

$108.00 $397.00
JVN JVN22514 Black/WhiteJVN JVN22514 Black/White
On sale

JVN JVN22514 Dress

$108.00 $420.00
JVN JVN220620 AquaJVN JVN220620 Purple

JVN JVN220620 Dress

From $420.00
JVN JVN06126 OceanJVN JVN06126 Violet
On sale

JVN JVN06126 Dress

$188.00 $420.00
JVN JVN06127 FuchsiaJVN JVN06127 Fuchsia
On sale

JVN JVN06127 Dress

$161.00 $494.00
JVN JVN07590 PinkJVN JVN07590 Pink

JVN JVN07590 Dress

From $473.00
JVN JVN07594 Purple-GreenJVN JVN07594 Purple-Green
On sale

JVN JVN07594 Dress

$108.00 $462.00

JVN by Jovani

Prom is a delightful occasion for any young girl. It is a magical moment and often one of the first times that a woman dresses to the nines for a night. You have been dreaming of this moment for years, and you want a dress that is as special as this evening promises to be.
New York Dress has the prom dresses that you are looking for. With a full collection of styles, you’ll find our JVN by Jovani dresses are exactly what you have been vying for. We’ve made sure that we have the top trends of JVN prom dresses and JVN gowns, so you can look like the queen of your prom.

Meet JVN by Jovani

JVN by Jovani is the new prom dress collection from this top designer. JVN by Jovani has dug deep to bring you the dresses that you want for your prom or special occasion. These dresses are more than a traditional party dress. They are JVN gowns that every teenage girl dreams of wearing to her prom.

JVN by Jovani dresses are available in all price ranges as well as a series of silhouettes. From mermaid to trumpet styles, we have you covered at New York Dress with the JVN prom dress collection. We will make you feel special on your big day so you can impress your date and have a blast with your friends. The party has just begun when you shop at New York Dress for JVN gowns.

JVN prom dresses are coveted by girls of all ages. They have been designed with the teenager fashion maven in mind, from a high-end designer that has produced looks for the most stylish of women. JVN by Jovani has brought the finishing touches to it prom gowns with a style and grace that you would expect from any top designer in the fashion world.

You can have that runway look and stand out from the crowd with a dress by JVN by Jovani. No matter if you are looking for a classic dress or a more conservative style, New Dress has procured the full collection of JVN by Jovani dresses just for you.

The Perfect Prom Attire

When you start to think about prom dresses, you’ll want to step out in a style that is custom fit your personality. JVN by Jovani dresses are your top choice for prom dresses. The JVN gown collection comes in all the trending styles and silhouettes.

Choose from long flowing gowns to fit and flare as JVN by Jovani has answered the call of teen girls everywhere. The designer has created a full prom dress collection that includes metallics, rich colors, and light-toned palettes all created in high-quality fabrics.

Whether you like off-the-shoulder gowns, spaghetti straps, or strapless, JVN by Jovani dresses cover the gamut of looks for prom. The full JVN gown collection features trumpet dresses, flowing ruffles, and sleek lines, depending on your preference.

You’ll have your choice of ball gowns or slim fitting dresses in an array of styles from fun and flirty to sleek and sophisticated. There are romantic fits to metallic embellishments. No matter the look you are trying to achieve, you will find it at New York Dress with JVN by Jovani dresses. The choice is all yours!

The Perfect Fit

As you look for a prom dress, you’ll want a fit that accents your body type. With the large JVN prom dress collection, you are sure to find a fit that suits you. JVN by Jovani dresses will make you feel confident and beautiful so you can parade around the prom as the beauty that you are.

With a full array of JVN prom dresses available, you can find that all important fit. The generous offering of silhouettes will allow you to maximize your beauty potential. You can find a JVN gown that fits and enhances your appearance without compromising on fit, price, or style.

Whether you are looking for a slim fit dress that gracefully falls down the body or flowing ball gowns for that perfect princess look, the JVN by Jovani collection has it all. The JVN by Jovani dresses at New York Dress has been designed with the teenager in mind. They come in such a wide variety; you are sure to find the perfect dress. We promise!

Find The Complete Collection Of JVN By Jovani Dresses At New York Dress

You’ll find the perfect JVN prom dress at New York Dress. We have the style and fit you have been dreaming of. Your search stops right here as New York Dress features the full collection of JVN by Jovani dresses picked just for you.

We can fit you in a prom dress that will make your prom the experience you have always desired. You are the prom party princess, and we have a dress that fits your personal style and pizzazz. Shop our full collection of JVN prom dresses online or visit our New York Dress boutique. We can dress you up for the prom.

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